#WarlockWeek and #WarriorWeek

Yes, once again I am hideously late to this party of appreciation for our alts :P.


My first raiding toon and real main was a warlock.  This is Carlyn whom I rolled on Thorium Brotherhood back at the end of vanilla.


She started raiding in Burning Crusade and continued to be my main all the way into Naxxramas in Lich King, at which point I swapped to Askevar.  I loved being a demonology warlock but being demonology was more important than continuing to raid on the toon, and since Ven needed an offtank, I changed mains.  Catching up on achievements was a royal pain – I will say :P

I have many fond memories on Carlyn – first stepping into a 25 man raid and later leading one, hubby and I finishing the epic mount questlines for our classes, watching our raid leaders and learning from them… the epic mistype in Magtheridon’s Lair by the raid leader.  There were some not so good – getting picked on because I prioritized stats differently and getting treated like dirt by the other warlocks when I outdps’d them with the different priorities… become an officer and then getting a lot dumped on, and the 1% wipe on Gruul we had to walk away from.  I doubt I’ll ever main a warlock again, but I’ll always have a fondness for this toon.


In that vein, I rolled another warlock a long time ago on a different server.  She has yet to reach max level and not sure she will but here she is in her gnome cuteness.





Besides rogues, warriors are probably my other least favorite class.  It hasn’t helped that the vast majority of the ones I’ve run into aren’t terribly pleasant – not all of them, mind you.

Anyway, I decided back when that I needed a male character…  and my night elf warrior was born.  Truth be told, I’d race change him if I cared enough… I do NOT like him.  Now that said, I have the fond memory of dressing him entirely in pink plus a pimp cane, RP walking him into Warsong Gulch’s horde base and doing /dance while my teammates grabbed the flag and capped it.  The horde all targeted me, in shock I think, and left me alone until they realized I was a distraction.  It’s a true story :P



To my surprise I have another warrior hanging out on my account… I think I rolled it to experiment with lowbie pvp back when warriors were OP [are they still?]  Because I love gnomes:



And then there’s the Panda warrior I started to level for a guild achievement.  I actually am leveling her prot and am enjoying it quite a bit.


Tanking Misogyny

I’ve been accused more than once of not having my own mind. Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous that statement is. But since I’m a Stay at Home Wife and Mother and since I often defer to my husband in public, the accusation comes about.

We’ve been called backwards because of how we handle our marriage… because I address any issues in private rather than make a fuss in front of friends. Even because we made the choice that I stay at home with any children – something I was told that I’d never be satisfied or fulfilled by doing [boy were they wrong]. I mean, my husband is also my best friend – I should have his back and he should have mine and we do. Bringing that kind of teamwork and attitude to raid is a blessing.

And yet, despite being called backwards and such, we keep running into these strange creatures in WoW… these strange creatures that seem to believe that woman’s place is behind the controls of a healer – or caster dps and has no business being in the tanking business… that’s for the menfolk don’t you know?! Which one is actually backward there?

I see the topic come around occasionally in the blogosphere as it has recently on Blessing of Kings and Hypercriticism.

Back on our old server in our first guild, my husband actually tried to get me interested in tanking… kept saying I should give it a go because I might like it. I never gave it a second thought until I stopped enjoying my warlock and my husband couldn’t keep a reliable or sober offtank. That part you’ve heard before, I know. I got a few reactions of what amounted to “Look at the cute little girl trying out tanking” but my husband was determined that if tanking was what I wanted to do, he’d help me learn how… just as he always has with every dream I’ve pursued or goal I’ve had.

I was the offtank for my husband in our ten man and the alternate tank in the 25 man… meaning most of the time I was paying my dues by going dps back then. I wasn’t great at it then either but it was a casual guild so it was alright. Our main tank at the time was our GM who played a paladin. Our main offtank was another DK who was blood. Ven was the third tank in the 25s. I wasn’t given much thought for a few weeks until our normal DK couldn’t show up for one. Ven moved up to the secondary tank position and I consequently got the third position. I was psyched. And then our GM lost a piece of tanking gear to me. And suddenly I was a threat. It was all fair and by the book – we used a straight SK system for 25 man and he’d lost pieces to OS tanks [both of the tanks for the third raid were MS dps] before and it had not been an issue… but I was a woman. This, somehow, made a big difference.

I didn’t really understand what was going on… I was feeling pressure but I was having the most fun I’d ever had in game. I’d discovered my true role… and yet somehow I was being treated as a threat. One of the officers finally pulled me to the side one day and explained that our GM believed that women didn’t belong in tanking or in the officer corps. That’s “just the way he is”. Basically that I was going to have to fight for every scrap I got. I was going to have to work twice as hard to be thought half as good. Whatever. In truth, I was really upset. I mean I’d looked up to our GM and he’d been right good to me, until I started tanking.

I didn’t give up – obviously. But I did have to fight every step along the way. Worst of all were mornings – especially if the GM and I were the only ones online. I’d finally made officer at some point in this mess. Ven had gotten promoted probably 7-9 months before based on raids that we organized together. Anyway, I started logging into an unguilded alt to see if any officer besides the GM were on because if it was just him and I, Officer chat was pure nastiness. A Vault of Archavon pug we both happened into one day sealed that deal. They made me the main tank and he gave me nothing but grief in officer chat. Oh how bad I sucked… oh how I couldn’t keep threat off him going full bore… despite pretty badly outgearing me. The group lit into him for refusing to tank swap and I was ready to throw up my hands and leave… but the taunting in officer clinched that I was absolutely going to stay this time.

Why didn’t I ignore him? One of the rules of the guild was that you were not permitted to ignore any guildies – it was literally grounds for a gkick. Most of the other officers supported me… we needed the tanks around and our GM was being simply ridiculous. A couple of them taught Ven and I how to raid lead and organize raids – sometimes by showing us the best way and sometimes by showing us what not to do. And then our GM took a hiatus.

By ToC our other DK had dropped out… he was apparently upset that I had managed to match him. He came back later on a resto druid until one of our druids outhealed him. At this point I did what every tank was supposed to do – when you find someone of your class interested in your spec, you mentor them and help them. We had a caster who was interested in going to his blood dk and he came to me for advice. I was thrilled beyond belief. Until I started getting reports from his raidmates that he was infatuated with me… and he was friends with Ven, knew we were married and started hitting on me in a creepy way anyway. It was a very weird situation that ended with him leaving guild to my relief.

Our GM came back during this period and was with us into ICC. Tanking with him in ICC was an exercise in frustration. Imagine the stereotypical LFR pug tank. Any mob I was assigned, he’d taunt off me – even with his own still up. Not many people would dare give him what for over vent but Ven had had enough by this point and told him off. It still kept happening periodically when he thought Ven wasn’t watching. Ultimately he ragequit his own guild, leaving a friend of ours in charge. Lots of animosity ensued.

I still run across the same breed of person now and again. You know the “get back in the healing/caster dps and make us mana cakes” type? They still exist and it’s a sad thing because you should be able to do what you love in a game [how does this bode for these people in the real world?]. Some of the best healers and caster dps I’ve ever known have been men. And some of the best melee types – whether dps or tank have been women.

Just because Jaina is a mage doesn’t mean I need to be. if I want to be a tank, I can be a tank.  I am a tank and I am a woman.  I am proud to be both.

Weekend Achievements

Guild Level 25 whilst snagging Candy Buckets!

Guild Level 25 whilst snagging Candy Buckets!

So quite a few things over the weekend in terms and achievements and goals and such.  First of all, my bank guild finally hit level 25.  Hubby logged on and was helping me run around getting candy buckets on a couple of his alts.  One of my major goals for this expansion was to have it leveled to 25 so quite happy it’s done.  I’ve had a few friends help out now and again – Endy, Rok, Kan, Black, Ra and I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  Ven leveled a couple alts there but most of the work was my own.


Saturday night – just after midnight… well I guess that’d make it Sunday morning… I saw a note on my battlenet about getting a group together for Rabble Rabble Rabble.  Naturally, Ven and I jumped in for that!  To get the achievement you have to have 20 plus people queued up for a Brawl fight.  The portal lasts something like 5 minutes but it was nice to get this!




And this morning I go to run Sunwell, as I do weekly on my hunter [almost forgot it this week] and when I killed Kiljadean I looked away for just a moment only to see something flash across the screen in my peripheral vision.




Yup it dropped!




Well Shaman Week ended yesterday so naturally I had to post something today instead LOL.  Anywho, I only have two shaman – both with the same name.  Here’s Tsali from ThoBro – who used to be dedicated Enhancement spec but is now Elemental.  She’s got the full Scarlet set – no longer obtainable and I’m pretty proud of the transmog.



Shaman are fun.  :D  I’m actually surprised I only have two of them but yeah, that’s it.  Anyway, Tsali is one of the alts I had to leave behind on ThoBro when we server transferred back in Cata.  I really hated leaving her behind so I rolled another shaman on Azuremyst once we got settled in a guild and started leveling her.  She’s Enhancement of course… though I wish the spec were as fun this expansion as I remember it being before.



I realize that I’ve missed Priest week, but figured since I had the time I’d sit down and try to write the entry.  My priest has been one of my two primary alts for the last couple of expansions.  I initially tried to level her whilst we were in Naxx 25 and needed priests for Mind Controls for one of the fights in there.  With half your healing corps priests and only one or two shadow priests, we needed more.  I leveled her to level 30 as shadow and then swapped to disc.  She’s been disc since that point in time.  She used to be Kintara on Thorium Brotherhood but had to swap to Liyah over here on Azuremyst.

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Moar Ghostcrawler QQs

Ghostcrawler is at it yet again… first it was mourning the introduction of flight into the game and now it’s the fact that people can develop every profession and not have to rely on other players… oh QQ more please.

1. But it gives some people an advantage!!!!

Yes, it does.  Just as doing dailies, grinding reps, running heroics, running raids, doing PVP – all that gives benefits and advantages to those that do it.  I can’t expect to go into a PVP match with the same gear and practice as someone who specializes in it – not without putting some time and effort into gearing and becoming practiced at it.  When I hit exalted with Shaohao, I’ll have the advantage of having a mount.  It’s really the same principal.  And while you may not have an engineer to make the new shiny mount, you’ll be able to get it cheaper on the AH as a result of more people having the profession.  And usually, the benefits of me having developed all the professions on my main server go toward my guildmates and friends more than myself.  Heck, I’ve even helped out random people because so many alts = lots of extra mats I don’t need.

Consider also, leveling 5 death knights gives me an advantage as a death knight, just as leveling multiple paladins gives my husband more practice and advantage there.  Should we then restrict alts?  Or perhaps we should eliminate them entirely?  Yes, going to an extreme here, but not everyone is going to be equal in terms of game, nor should we try and force them to be.

2. But Profession alts don’t get played actively!

For most people. do alts really get played to the level of their mains?  I mean, I know a few people, including some bloggers like this who CHOOSE to maintain a few alts to near the same level based on what their raid might need.  However, most people don’t play their alts as much as their mains.  I know several people who leveled alts to 90 strictly for the Quintessential Quintet achievement and people who leveled a horde simply for the Double Agent achievement [and let's not even discuss the "Master of All" achievement wholly endorsing having all the professions].  People who didn’t use their time to do that don’t have the advantage of those achievements… not that there’s anything really to them other than the points.  These alts don’t often even HAVE professions and hit 90 and are forgotten, so they’re played even LESS than profession alts.

Playing alts is an important part of some people’s gameplay.  I know that I love mine and the Alt Appreciation weeks have shown that a number of people enjoy them as well.

3. But you don’t understand!  You’ve developed all the professions on your server.

On my main server, yes.  On my 2 alt servers I’ve been left to fend for myself.  Alliance side Argent Dawn, I’m having to live without a Jewelcrafter, Scribe, or an Alchemist.  The fact that there are a number of JC’s and Alchemists tends to drive down the prices there to affordable levels [though glyphs tend to be pricey].  I make a little bit there selling pets and enchants and manage to buy what I need, or a cheaper version of it.  I don’t like having to ask for help from guildies but I’ve been fortunate to be able to find someone there when I’ve needed something.  Eventually I’ll probably slap a profession on one of my professionless alts there and level something.  I get in the mood to profession now and again.

Horde side Argent Dawn and Alliance Thorium Brotherhood [my old server] – These servers are so dead that if you don’t have it or can’t make it – you just go without.  I know people who have sat in trade for large parts of their game time for days trying to find a JC who can make a particular cut.  Forcing people to sit in a city, looking for a particular item… well isn’t city sitting why they were trying to get us out in the world?

4. One other consideration people are forgetting [and that I touched on above] is that limiting professions in such a way will cause supply to fall drastically and prices to skyrocket.  Some of the very people who provide items on the cheap do that in multiple professions.  And if you think I won’t use my two professions in the two profession scenario to make money to cover my other expenses and then some, you’d be silly.

In summation, the more time you put in, of course the more advantages and benefits you’re going to have [and the faster you'll attain them].  I don’t disagree that some changes could be made to make professions a little better – perhaps making them align more with leveling or make them more meaningful for the character that has them, but forcing people to choose only two per account or some such just to be limiting and eliminate the work of others is just asinine.

Besides, having those alts can often lead to discovering new joys in the game – it’s how I discovered that I enjoy tanking for instance – I got dissatisfied with my warlock and the hubby needed a tank and well I had a max level dps dk who I could swap to tank and well… there you go.  And with the profession benefits it allows a small measure of customization of an alt – something that seems to gradually be going away with all the homogenization going on.

Personally I find it somewhat interesting that Ghostcrawler is so offended by these things that would just about be impossible to remove from game without major subscriber loss.  It seems as if perhaps he’s either no longer interested in playing personally or that perhaps Blizzard wants to get rid of some of its player base.  I mean the logical conclusion to all this is that we end up with one toon, no alts.  And I think we all know that’s not practical considering the number of people into alting.  And for people not interested in endgame raiding/LFR/PVP – that’s about all they have.  I see a lot of wistfulness for the “good old days” but I submit that while they are the “old days” not everything about them was as “good” as people want to remember.

My husband has like 6-7 paladins… maybe more on his account.  Only three of them are max level thus far.  He likes paladins.  He’s played a paladin since he logged on in vanilla and he’s weathered all the changes the game provided for paladins.  Mostly he’s been a Prot pally, sometimes a Ret and very occasionally he’s even been a holy paladin.  He likes paladins so much that our son has a level 85 paladin and I have several paladins myself, though my main is my death knight [I always thought the Paladin/Death Knight combo was interesting].

Venoym and Askevar

Askevar and Venoym

Anyway here’s Venoym in full transmog:


Like I said, he’s had this toon forever.  He exceeds me in total achievement points and has ground things like the Insane.  He did contemplate swapping mains once or twice because of some massive paladin changes that came out but has always managed to roll with those punches and enjoy the class once again.

Here’s his smattering of other paladins…  I left out his army of lowbies.

Ven's pally army

Ven’s pally army: Herald toon; Horde and 2 of his main server alt pallies.

Yes, he’s mad about paladins.

So much so that our son’s first toon was a paladin.  And yes, it looks very much like Venoym… he is a daddy’s boy.

Little Venoym

Little Venoym

He calls it a hunter though… Our son thinks Hunter is part of the toon’s name… so yeah.  It’s weird I know :P  So he’s got the mage on one account and this paladin on the other.  If he wants anymore he’ll have to level them.  [His third toon appears to be a warlock that just hit level 3 - and he's very very proud of that].

And for completion’s sake here’s my Paladin Collage:

CollageAskThe dwarf there was the first toon I ever rolled on the account… I leveled her to 40ish in vanilla and then dropped her because while being a Jack of all trades was fun at low levels, it became more complex and weak the higher you went.  She’s swapped specs a few times but it currently holy.

The human paladin is my current bank toon… I decked her out in that transmog from Darkmoon Faire at level 10 or 20… I honestly forget which, but I wanted her to look good.

And the horde there is Holykau…  the poor thing can’t keep a horde guild on Argent Dawn – she’s had them transferred out from under her four or five times now… and it’s continually someone kicking everyone and ninja-transferring to either have a level 25 guild or to sell it… I’m still not completely sure.  She was leveled for the double agent achievement but I enjoy playing horde side on occasion.


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