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  2. Pandas to be Death Knights
  3. Gnome Paladins
  4. Make the Goblin Boss on the Starting Isle have Less Health when Thrall attacks
  5. Playable Murlocs
  6. Flying
  7. LFRs

I’m compiling this list of Tanaan Pet Teams I use, for my ease as well as my husband’s.  Most are from Wowhead so I’ll be giving credit/linking comments.  I’m not trying to steal anyone else’s discoveries but as I said, to make a list easy and readable.  I’m also not ashamed of using the powerful howl-bomb strategy, so at least half the fights will be that or some variation thereof.  Even those will have a variation on whether Chrominimus Bites of uses Surge of Power.

The pets needed for this: Zandalari Anklerender, Chrominimus, Anubisath Idol, Pandaren Water Spirit, Nexus Whelpling, Draenic Micro Defender, Emerald Whelpling, Alpine Foxling [or other fox]

Also optional – ChiChi, Teroclaw Hatchling, Molten Corgi
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In patch 6.2, Blizzard added two pets in Talador [Crimsonwing Moth] and Spires of Arak [Sapphire Firefly] which only spawn one in the entire zone.  They have a plethora of spawn points, as noted if you check wowhead for either one and while only one is up at any given time, apparently one is always up.  I was initially concerned and figured these would be excessively annoying to chase but it wasn’t that bad actually.

I attained both yesterday in under an hour.  I plugged in the coordinates I pulled off Wowhead into TomTom and ran around spamming a /tar macro for Crimson and then Sapphire.  Both pets were found at coordinates not mentioned in the wowhead posts [hence I added them].

Frankly, if you just run around the zone spamming the target macro, I think you’d find it just as quickly but the coordinates give you a path to target… and where it’s been found before.

I realize it’s probably with some ease that I caught them simply because fewer people are frequenting those two zones and most are inundated with Tanaan and such.  So if you want to take a break from Tanaan and do something relatively easy/mindless whilst attaining a new pet or two – here’s the thing.

We had a moment in raid where a couple groups got face pulled by a hunter [he admitted it, no big.  Ven and I have a philosophy that you haven’t really raided until you’ve wiped a raid anyway].  Someone else asked why it was always the hunters fault.  And suddenly we all have stories about people blaming either hunters, healers or tanks.

Ven explained the so-called “huntard” phenomenon.  The class has gained that reputation, in many cases unfairly.  [Also see the “deathtard” label for death knights].  While I don’t agree with the names, the fact is that it is a phenomenon.

Save yourself some trouble – get tip tac.

That hunter who won’t turn pack off?  It’ll tell you which one it is!  No more “We’re kicking every hunter till it goes away”.  Yes, I’ve seen that happen.  That’s the reason I got Tip Tac.  It can also tell you who popped heroism early.  I mean if you’re going to be calling people out… call the right ones out.

Apparently they nerfed this, so I’m opening up the Menagerie on all my alts.  Mainly posting this for hubby but use as you like.

Eternal Strider [or any other water strider with Pump and Heal]

Carrotus Maximus

Use Pump till dead [should be used four times]

Use Revive Battle Pets ability [do not use before this, use Lio to heal if needed]

Pump till dead [should be used six times]
Have Lio heal your pets as you can’t use her within 3 minutes of logging in.

Go to next alt


Week at the beach felt good though

Children’s Week!

I highly recommend doing the Children’s Week quests.  They have a new reward – the Pet Care Package which includes a lot of Pet items, including a Flawless Battle Stone… whether you want to sell it or use it yourself, it’s worth the 30 minutes or less!

Also, don’t forget the new holiday toy – the Green Balloon – which I got from the Toy Vendor in Stormwind – the gnome who walks around with the cart.  I presume the equivalent in Orgrimmar would sell it for the horde.




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