Life is a process and so is leveling/gearing/playing a toon.

Welcome to my blog!  Got the bug to start one after seeing so many great ones online.  Anywho, I am a WoW altoholic who does define a main toon [aka the toon that gets all the special stuff and attention].  My main is my death knight tank – frost spec.  I started her off as an alt right when Lich King hit.  She was meant to be leveled with the hubby’s dk, but I quickly fell in love with her and just as quickly fell out of love with my warlock, who’d been my main since vanilla wow.  They destroyed old-school locks for the most part.  I’m glad there’s a new crop of players rolling them, but most of my old lock friends have swapped mains to something else.  Anyway, I never intended for her to tank.  My hubby had always been the [pally] tank of the two of us, despite him trying to get me into it.  Well, our ten man team for naxx could never find another solid off-tank [though dps was replaceable], so, we took a few days and rushed to gear Askevar up enough to offtank naxx10.  And I’ve never looked back.  I feel almost guilty at how quickly I dropped my warlock, who now functions as a level 80 AH alt for the guild.  Now I’m where I never thought I’d be…  Naxx25 plus geared DK raid tank and people are coming to ME for advice, which is a new one.  They watch me and they suddenly want to gear their DK for tanking in one spec or another.  I had someone come to me the other day and ask me if I actually enjoy it.  Yes, I very much do.  I have level 80 pally [ret/prot] and druid [kitty/bear] tanks.   Here’s what I’ve learned.

1.  Pally tanking IS easy-mode when compared to a DK or Druid.  The AOE and high threat building when played right have no match in the game.

2. Death knights CANNOT match a pally threatwise.  We have to work for our threat.  It’s an on your toes dance to maximize your threat and hope that in those crucial first 5 seconds you don’t have a dps who has all their trinkets proc.  But the fact is – they yank it, they tank it.

3. Druids are exceptional dodge tanks and every druid tank I know says they are “easy mode tanking” but I have yet to hit that.  So my suspicion is that is NOT my forte.

So why be a death knight tank?  What are their advantages when we could all just roll pallies and be done with it?  Well every class brings something different to the table.  A warrior is best on crazy cat lady for sure.  Pallies are desired in most boss fights though for their AOE ability.  Hence why my husband has geared toward that goal.  My goal has been to gear to be the most solid and hardy tank in the guild.  The healing lead termed me “tough as steel”.  I am excellent on single target tanking and if I can get through the first crucial five seconds, I’m good on threat – save maybe the top hunter in the guild, who can rip threat off ANY tank – even ones better geared than I.

I am the Ignis tank.  I am the primary Kologarn tank.  I stand there and get my butt kicked so my paladin husband can go gather up the adds with whomever the third tank is [depends on who shows – we have a second pally, a druid, and a warrior who all like to fill the spot.  As a casual raiding guild, we have to understand that RL happens, and in reality, it is just a game :D].  Fortunately or unfortunately, as raid leaders, we’re there most every week.

Let me dispel a couple myths about DK tanking, that believe it or not, some people still believe.

1. DKs don’t need to stack to the defense cap.   YES THEY DO!  Nothing annoys me more than a random DK or someone with a DK alt claiming to be able to tank and then being at 430 defense…  Heck 490 was the cap in BC!

2. DKs can tank in any tree – YES they can!  BUT – PLEASE for the love of all that’s unholy, don’t just throw points around.  DKs can be any tree but different trees have different needs.  Elitist Jerks has a great overview of the strengths and weaknesses of all three trees, as well as some great places to start spec-wise – Suno\’s Fireside Chat.

3.  DKs suck and anyone who plays one is a noob.  Not true.  DKs are the newest class right now.  There is less known about them than others so people are making their noob mistakes at the upper levels rather than lower levels.  What you are getting is a lot of new potential tanks and tanking is a mindset one must learn.  It comes naturally to some and is forced to others.  Yes, there are noob DKs who suck.  But there are also good DKs who rock and noob dks who are learning.  And I am speaking as someone who has wanted to rip into some of those noobs I’ve seen in instances.  It’s people who aren’t willing to learn we need to be upset with – not ones who actually consistently and continually improve.  Because as my philosophy is – there’s always a way to improve yourself.  Life is a process and so is leveling/gearing/playing a toon.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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