On the Effectiveness and Usefulness of Alts in a Casual Raiding Guild

So in summation, I believe that gearing alts is great to a degree, but it should never get in the way or hinder 25 man progression.

Our guild one shot the first event on ToC25 this past week with few deaths and we almost had Jaraxxus.  We’re up to working on Thorim in Ulduar25 and we have one ten man team attempting to down Yogg-Saron for the first time.  The second team is likely only a few weeks behind as they just hit Mimi.  We’re doing well, we’re progressing as much as a casual, family raiding guild can expect to and yet some people are unhappy.

The source for the unhappiness?  “My alts are falling way behind my mains in getting gear”.  Now, I am an altoholic.  Severe case.  7 level 80s, a level 77, and one in their 40s and one shy of 20 on a single server.  Not to mention the vast array of scattered alts I have on other servers.  Alts for me are a source of fun, time sink, money sink [lol] and a way to help out the guild should a raid need a stand-in.  I’m also working on my healer [the 77] so I can spell some of the healers in heroics and give them a break they likely need.

But I actually got found on an unguilded alt that no one knew about yesterday [guild name is related to a guilded alt of mine] so the person could whine and fuss because their alts are falling behind.  Now, as someone with 7 80s – most of whom are ready for heroics and the dps for 10 man raids the day they hit 80 [and hence the reason I never have money], I don’t care.  You have to prioritize.  If you don’t, all the toons may end up mediocre level geared but none will be at their best.  My main is mostly ulduar25 geared [a few 245s and a couple 213s I’m trying to shake].  My primary alt is mostly 213-219 geared.  I have one 226 piece that I bought with badges on her, but she doesn’t get played as much, so she’s not going to have as nice gear.  I never expect for her to even see Ulduar25, much less any of the rest of my alt army [Most of whom ARE ready for Ulduar10 btw].

The options are clear however, either we can continue on with our mains, clearing more and different content.  Or we can sit on our butts and farm the same flipping bosses with a new set of toons.  If you think the tanks and healers are going to want to bring their best to gear your alts [especially when said alts aren’t where they could be gearwise – srsly, greens?], you’re mistaken.  We want to get everyone geared and if your alt gets geared along the way, hey some people are that lucky [usually ones who roll alts who can heal], but you have to prioritize and decide what you want to do.  I’ve been able to get my kitty druid geared simply by helping out some of our 10 mans who are one person short and can’t get anyone else.  And guess what?  I only take the loot that would otherwise be sharded.  If I take loot from a main, especially a regular raider, I’m only hurting our 25 man raids – because they then don’t have that extra edge [and most of the people in one ten man are only waiting on a scattered item here or there].  And guess what?  By having that attitude, I’m ALWAYS on the short-list for subs.  And they keep telling me I can bring any alt I want [though I focus on my primary alt unless another toon is required for a specific reason].

So in summation, I believe that gearing alts is great to a degree, but it should never get in the way or hinder 25 man progression.  And it is quite possible now to gear these alts in 219-226 gear, even without having the luck of getting into a 10 man raid.  They provide options even in light of the dual spec addition.  Dual spec – 1 toon – 1 raid ID; alts = multiple toons, multiple IDs.  So you are useful, and fun, an even desired to a degree.  But PLEASE prioritize.  Decide what you want, and go for it.  Tell your officers and RLs – they might can even help.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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