Achievements I want on all my alts…

With Cataclysm set to hit Azeroth at some point probably next year, I’ve decided there are a few achievements I want on all my alts, regardless.

1. Classic Dungeonmaster — I don’t trust Blizz not to do something funky with h-deadmines etc, so I want them to all have the achievements in advance.  The phasing during leveling makes me nervous about powerleveling toon because if my hubby’s pally can’t see me – he very well can’t help.  I have Classic on all but 2 of my 78 plus toons and only need another 14 random classic dungeon runs to achieve that.  I figure I can get the dungeons along the way with my upcoming toons.

2. World Explorer – Outlands and Northrend are easy – mainly due to flight.  All my 80s have them explored, except 1 and my priest has both as well.  My old and new mains have EK and Kalimdor explored but the rest… eh… they’re all missed an area or two in each zone.  So this will be a time consuming one.  I figure if I do a little at a time I’ll get there eventually.

3. Loremaster on my DK – yes, I am insane.  I have like 10 quests done on one island, and 15 on the other since I just about skipped straight to outlands at 58.  This will be the most time consuming achievement.

4. Max out my priest, mage and warrior to 80.  The priest is almost 79 now, so she won’t be any trouble.  And since my mage got her spec fixed, she’s grinding through mobs like a fiend!  The warrior is more problematic atm, but I can power level him I spose if need be.

5. Max out all professions – Most of my people are a few points short in their professions and only two have cooking to max, so I definitely want to work on that.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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