I Can Haz Heals [and apparently do them too]!

Well my priest alt hit 80 today.  Thanks to a couple of guildies, plus my own alt army and hubby, I had her decently geared immediately.  Healed my first heroic – Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, with a tank who’s usually dps [but has a great tank set and IS an awesome tank].  One of our best healers went boom and helped me out on the gauntlet.  And we had a new 80 mage and a warlock alt who’s geared above 1900 gear score [warcrafter rating].

Now, UP is an instance that can be wrought with peril.  I should know.  I’ve tanked and dpsed it successfully [and unsuccessfully] many many times.  The healer is OFTEN the problem.  And with the exception of the gauntlet and a spare heal once or twice, I had no help.  I was sure our druid was throwing heals left and right.  And I stayed above half mana the whole instance – chain pulling the whole way.  I was in shock!  I epicly failed druid healing back in Burning Crusade, so I wasn’t expecting to do well, but I read a bit on disc priests [though not as much as I should have].

Now they’re taking me into H-ToC… well it was supposed to be Regular ToC, but they switched it up on me last second.  One wipe, almost a couple more… but we made it!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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