My Wishlist….

Things I wish they’d do in WoW…

1. Add more toon slots per server [and maybe more total toons permitted]. Because 10 toons just isn’t enough on a server!

2. Tabard Closet and RP Closet – they want us to keep all these tabards and give us all these holiday clothes to pick up, so give us a special place to store them so we don’t lose bank space!

3. People with multiple 80’s should AT LEAST be able to roll any class at level 55 – dk style [ideally level 60 to hit outlands]. They should at least offer this as an option for those of us who are altoholics.

I may add more as I consider it a bit…


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “My Wishlist….”

  1. Tabard closet/RP closet — SO TRUE. Plus, old gear should *either* be able to be made BoA (probably for a cost of gold), or be stripped of stats and stuck into the RP closet. Yes, I still have my old level 1 druid robe…

    I would also pay cash-money to have the option to jump a character to a certain level. I mean… Maybe something like, “I have a level 54 Warlock on *this* server, and I don’t want to transfer, but I do want a high-level Warlock on this *other* server, so how about I *clone* my ‘lock? Because I hate leveling ‘locks.”

  2. Yes to a tabard closet! And I think dual speccing should provide an extra backpack. Carrying two sets of gear all the time to switch on the fly eats bag space something awful.

    1. An extra backpack for dual speccing is a great idea! Definitely worth including in the 1000g…. course then everyone would dual spec just for an extra bag lol

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