Hubby and I duoed Coren Direbrew last night [me cycling all my alts through of course].  Lo and behold when I brought my main in, the Brewfest Kodo dropped and my main is the only one I’d consider attempting to get it on ahead of hubby, so we both need rolled and I won 😀

My DK on her newest mount
My DK on her newest mount

In addition to that, my hubby got the new epic mace, my priest got the healing trinket and the brewfest ram [hubby had it already], and my warlock got the spell damage trinket.  Got a mental wishlist for the rest of my toons – dodge/stam trinkets for my pallytank;  The mace for DW for both my dk and shaman, another one of the daggers for my rogue and the melee dps trinket, and the dodge trinket for my druid’s tank set.  Probably won’t get it all but I have a good shot at getting some of it.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Brewfast!”

  1. I’ve tried the duo Tankard O’ Terror DW Frost tanking on PTR, and it’s actually pretty good for that purpose. The reason Blizzard is giving the new rune etching is for Death Knight to use DPS weapon for tanking.

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