Experiments in Rogue-ness

Let me make this epicly clear – my rogue is an epic fail rogue. Until yesterday she was a very awful hybrid spec… and had like zero survivability. I HATE playing her with a passion. She was mildly fun in Burning Crusade but is HORRIBLE to play now. Her leatherworking comes in handy i must admit and her lockpicking is still nice, despite having a blacksmith and an engineer.

Well yesterday, I got one of my epic [success or fail I don’t know] random thoughts. Rogues CAN use 1h maces, but they don’t. I started searching rogues I know, top rogues, random rogues, none of them are mace spec. None of them use maces. I know there is a wow cultural taboo on a mace wielding rogue… I was blatantly told that when I first rolled her – NEVER use maces. Like, EVER. Maces are not a real rogue weapon. Heck, the lady in the inn in Shattrath will flat tell you that anyway.

So my next thought was, “Are rogues gimping themselves by refusing to even consider maces?” My main is a mace wielding dk. My shaman dual wields maces as well, and rogues use similar stats to an enhancement shaman. All these things I know. So I did a little bit of research…

Apparently mace spec was THE pvp spec at one time for the passive stun chance of mace attacks, which was removed in 3.0 and replaced with arpen [attacks ignoring as much as 15% of a target’s armor if you have 5 points in mace spec].

And I found a couple pieces of anecdotal evidence saying that maces were a decent way to go [aka blogs], so I’m going to take the rogue I’m not going to play anyway, and experiment a bit with maces and see where it leads. Eh, who knows… maybe I’ll enjoy the rogue again!  Worst case scenario, she continues to sit in Dalaran, waiting to be played and looks noobish!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Experiments in Rogue-ness”

  1. From what I’ve read… maces are actually pretty good for rogues once you have a certain amount of armour penetration. I’m not entirely sure -why- your bludgeoning weapon would need to get through armour to hurt an enemy, but hey.

  2. I think I read on EJ that a mace main-hand is one of the best things goin’ right now (but like Ael said above, at a certain ArPen point).

    I like fist weapons better, though. >.>

    1. I’ve always loved fist weapons on my rogue, with an occasional dagger, but she’s not as fun to me since WotLK hit, so thought I’d try something different. I did find a mace rogue on our server who uses mace for main hand and he’s one of the better geared ones… so there must be something to it. I managed to snag a tankard for her main hand.

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