Cooking: Not a Waste of Time.

I have 8 level 80s. All of them have Northrend level cooking. Only my main is maxed [not going to that trouble right away]. People boggle that I’d bother to level cooking because it’s “hard”.

1. I tend to save the mats as I’m questing on lowbie alts and send them to a banking alt [a cooking bag would make this sooo much easier].

2. Most of the low level mats are NOT that expensive or hard to get.

3. Do I do the Dalaran cooking quest every day? NO. But should I ever need a supply of spices, it’d be very easy to get as much as I need with the small supply of cooking awards most of my toons have.

Cooking is very worthwhile to level to Northrend level BECAUSE it’s not too hard, especially now. And if nothing else, you could buy spices and sell them and make a small profit.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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