Things About Brewfest I thought Everyone Knew

Over the last few days I’ve gotten Brewmaster on more of my toons [I did a second wave of them through since my new and old mains got it quickly]. People in my guild were shocked that I could make that many tokens.

I make 55 tokens per day
10 from the Dark Iron Dwarf Attack
15 from the Barking for the beers [the one you run thru IF for]
30 off of Ram racing to Kharanos.

Ram racing isn’t a daily with a blue exclamation point. It’s a daily where you talk to the guy who gave you the quest to recover 3 barrels. Yes, there is a reason you see us make trip after trip every day… and usually a line of people with us 😛

Additionally, for the ram racing: if you hit the apple barrels, it gets rid of fatigue. I never thought to mention this, but I’ve been doing the brewfest stuff for a couple years [on my old main I ground the ram two years ago], so I sorta took it for granted that people knew this. Hopefully this will help you during the last 2 regular days and 2 extra days of brewfest 🙂


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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