Dual Wield Tanking Test 1: Ulduar 10

Our ten man group ran Ony10, ToC10 [first 2 bosses] and then hit Ulduar.  Since our team only raids one night, we’ll be extending the Ulduar ID to give ourselves more time to work on it.  I didn’t want to risk gimping the raid with an untried spec in the new raids, but felt I could afford to skimp a little in Ulduar.

It went very well.  My threat was higher on average and I was still plenty hardy as well.  The healers had no issues at all.  I’m considering holding off until I can get the 1h gargoyle runes in the next patch because my current spec is solid.  I have higher avoidance, am handily capped expertise wise and hitwise, and higher health pool.  Even got a PINK AXE on Ony that no one else could really use.  It’s soooo pretty!

*In reality I wasn’t going into Ulduar blind – I knew the DW spec was viable.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Dual Wield Tanking Test 1: Ulduar 10”

  1. I actually heard the DW spec wasn’t just viable but better than frost with a two hander. Your post seems to back that up but were there any problems DWing threw up at all? Boyfriend really wants to swap to it but we need to convince our raid leader first, who’s open minded so long as you’ve evidence to back up a suggestion. ^^;

    1. It seems perfectly viable and one of our dps dks changed his tank spec to DW frost [see Kanrad’s comment in the other DW tanking thread :P]. I have stuck with 2h frost for a long time and want to do a couple more tests before changing my raid gear much is all that’s holding me back honestly. I’m actually quite impressed with it upping my threat. [I also want our healing lead to evaluate how ‘hardy’ I am in the spec as well because, well she’s good :D.

      I would recommend your boyfriend take a look at this DW spec on Elitist Jerks. They recommend weapon enchants, glyphs, spec, rotation and everything. And, in the next patch they are adding tanking runes for 1 handers – so Blizz obviously wants it to be viable since they’re working on giving us the tools.


      What I’d recommend your bf do is maybe dualspec 2hfrost and dw frost if he can afford to and test it out in a couple heroics maybe with the raid leader as well.

      1. Awesome, I’ll relay all this to him, thanks! He does have his dual-spec so it’s just a matter of convincing him to spend 15g to change it… ;p

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