I’m a BEAST! A BEAST I tell you!

And no, I’m not making a reference to my feral druid there…

I was tooling around on my gnome mage during an officer meeting, waiting for AV to kick in and questing in Hellfire in the meanwhile.  During this,  I was doing the quest for the mines under Honor Hold and a level 59 warrior runs up, obviously doing the same quest.  He throws me an invite and we rip through the stuff like it wasn’t there.  I was just pulling back to back to back, in other words, my usual routine on the mage.  He comments “You’re a beast!”  I, taken aback a bit by the compliment, replied “Me?”  and he added “Yes you!”.  He asked a few more general questions about my mage and we parted ways a short time later.  But I was squeeing with delight.  Thanks to our healing lead [hattip to F], who also is an expert on mages, I can actually do it!  I can actually play a caster again and be halfway decent at it!  And here I thought I’d never enjoy a caster again after what they did to my lock!

I hope to eventually grind pvp gear on the mage at 80, but eh, it’ll come when it does.  I’m just going to enjoy being a beast in the 60s for now 😀

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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