DW Tanking: Trial By Fire

Our raid group had a bit of trouble with Ulduar25 tonight – everyone has their off weeks.  We had a lot of new people coming in [which is GREAT but it does cause more problems of course, only natural].  We had a lot of trouble with Ignis.  On the final attempt, I swapped to dual wield to get more threat faster and it turns out, I’m even hardier in dual wield spec than 2h… I sacrifice about 2k health and gain 3k armor and some dodge and parry.

In summation, DW tanking is entirely and awesomely viable.

More later – AFTER the raid 😛


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “DW Tanking: Trial By Fire”

  1. Yes, DW is very great, I enjoyed the time I was a DW Tank.

    Although, I still prefer the good Ol’ 2h Tank, it’s just more fun for me to beat things down with a giant axe!

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