Random Meaningless Update

Or another alt update… or something.

My mage has reached level 73 – yay! She’ll be 80 within a week I expect, depending on how much I care about grinding her and how much I PVP and whatnot for the experience.

When I finish leveling her, I’ll be focusing on the warrior next… and achievements for all my toons. As I said, a little every day and I’ll be there in short order.

Todays accomplishments:
1. Outland and/or Northrend Gourmet on several toons.
2. Got the mage another outland daily recipe and finished up Borean Tundra and started Dragonblight. She also picked up all the emotion food recipes, which I was surprised getting 3 back to back to back almost.
3. I did finally finish Classic Dungeonmaster on my shaman the other day… just have Dire Maul for the priest and then the achieve to grind for both mage and warrior.
4. I find myself more and more considering my toons and their backstory… and even talking it out a bit more with a friend. Don’t be surprised it you see a post related to my thoughts in the near future.
5. Caught my mage’s mining up so I can mine current level stuff… so I don’t have to go back later and worry with it.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Random Meaningless Update”

  1. We’ll get Dire Maul soon… perhaps tomorrow? Sort of depends on how your schedule looks and what I decide to do on the Warrior or Death Knight conundrum.

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