Stamina isn’t everything…

A tank friend of mine is upset because tanks in blues have more health than he does.  He’s a bear and has pretty good health, at least in my estimation, but his dodge is over 42%.  I see lesser geared tanks quite frequently who have more health than I do as well, and on some level it also bothers me.  Most of these tanks have stacked stamina above ALL else [and in at least one case that included defense].

Yes, stamina IS a very important stat to stack as a tank, but it’s not the only thing.  You can have all the stamina possible in the game and no mitigation/avoidance and take massive damage that the healers can’t heal fast enough.  And I’m not going to even address the consequences of being a tank who isn’t defense capped…

Defense, expertise, Dodge, Parry, Strength [or agility for a bear tank], hit, stamina – all are very important to the balance of tanking because a balance of relevant stats for your class is ESSENTIAL to being the best tank you can possibly be.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Stamina isn’t everything…”

  1. All the stamin/hp’s in the world won’t save you if the boss can crit you. Also if you miss a taunt or strike due to low hit/expertise that could mean a dead healer and a wipe.

    But hey tanks are supposed to have lots of health amirite? Lawls….

  2. Tell your friend that you now know of at least one healer who’d rather heal him over those blue-geared, uber-HP’d tanks based upon his dodge stat and the fact that he’s a bear.

    I’d rather have a tank that gears intelligently and, as a result, is easier for me to heal.

    *stumbles back off to work*

  3. I recently switched to Prot, at lvl63 currently. After much reading of the forums, it is clearly obvious a tank should cap defense for their level, then stack stamina. Doing so and to my amazement resulted in mobs just not being able to hit me, on my portrait I see miss, block, dodge, parry, 41, dodge, 52, parry, etc. They beat themselves to death trying to kill me, its incredible. Thx for the great advice guys !

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