Tanking Pet Peeves, Random alt stuff and Healing Not Memes… Where is the tanking not meme?

First, I want to draw everyone’s attention to this post about Tanking Pet Peeves over at Druid Main.  Even though my main tank is a dk rather than a bear, I can totally relate to this post.  My hubby, the pally, can relate to it as well, so I think it’s an excellent post overall about the random things people can do to tick us off and/or make tanking for them more difficult.

I’ve noticed the healing NOTMeme floating around there… someone should so start a tanking notmeme…  I’m just sayin’!

I’ve been helping the hubby do the Grand Arena Master Trinket thing in STV this week. It’s been so easy that I’m quite tempted to go do it on my death knight.

There have been some epic Wintergrasp battles and saves these last few days. I managed to get my priest in another Voa 10/25 – as the only priest. Of course, not a priest thing dropped 😛

My druid and mage got the Hallowed title, just from trick or treating to get the last ‘Sinister’ item they needed. I really want the title on priest as that would suit her, but I’m still waiting on the helm. I really think this achievement should either be – either/or OR make the squashling and helm BoA and require equipping the helm and learning the pet. I’ve wasted 4 squashlings from ToT because the toons in question already had them. But eh, they didn’t ask my opinion on that 😛

The warrior is coming along quite well… He’s almost level 40. My hubby thinks I can get him to 80 within a month, so I’m almost tempted to try it. Leveling is easy mode now – especially since this is my tenth toon and I have discovered a wonderful thing call Alterac Valley at level 51!  Hubby just got his second paladin up to the AV levels and he loves the experience there [he wants a ret pally and he’s finding it easier to roll another pally than to try to develop a ret set on his tankadin… and he’s leveling ret – to learn it better].

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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