Alt Usefulness: Stack the Proper Stats!

Being “just an alt” is not an excuse to suck.


Alts are great! Alts can be useful! But alts can’t disregard primary stats in favor of “the purpz”. I am not an alt expert, or an expert on every class, but I have one of every class and I know the hit cap for each class – and I pile on as much hit as possible to reach it. When my newly dinged mage alt has twice the hit of another mage who’s been 80 a while and is decked out in purples, that bothers me.

Alts will be “just a warm body” unless you actually take care to stack the appropriate stats. I won’t claim that all of my alts are hit capped – because they aren’t. Some just can’t get gear with hit on it; some are simply in crafted gear. Heck, my mage doesn’t even have her stuff gemmed and enchanted – but she’s primarily for PVP and I have yet to even take her in a heroic.

Now, I will say, there are rare occasions where a person is missing an enchant/gem or three; or isn’t totally hit capped and can still pull 2.5k dps, which is completely acceptable for a lot of 10 mans right now and more than enough for heroics. But seriously people, don’t forget KEY stats on your alts for the sake of purpz, and then expect to bring them to a raid. If we need the role that badly, yes, you may get to come, but we’re in all likelihood, effectively 9 manning it, rather than 10 manning. No, your alt won’t get precedence over a main’s main spec at least, but you can get at least close to most stats via heroics and badge gear.

Being “just an alt” is not an excuse to suck.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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