The Nasty Rumor Mill

Well it’s been a bit since our guild has had to contend with a rumor mill… but it’s reared it’s ugly head again.  I hate it, but it’s a part of life I suppose.  People love to talk and love to talk about other people.  It’s an old tired manipulation game that isn’t going to work any better this time than it did the last 15-20 times.  In fact, I’d speculate that the guild will be a lot less tolerant of it because of our history, at least those of us that have been there before.

We’ve been through worse times… this guild has had it’s share of ups and down in my 4 year history with them.  Yup, you read that right, I’ve been in this guild for four years…  The guild itself is about 4.5 years old and several of the signature members are still around too.  Despite any issues we have had, any problems we’ve been through, we’ve made it work and sorted it out.  We’ve lost members [spawned at least 3 other guilds because people wanted something different] gained members, and yet, we’re still here, doing our best to down 10 AND 25 man content!  Talk about an achievement!

Do yourself and your guild a favor if you start to hear rumors – go to the person who can answer the question.  Whether it be supposed “secret ToC runs” or supposed massive changes to 25 mans to exclude guildies, or supposed satanic rituals, go the person who can clear it up for you if you are really concerned it may be an issue.  If it sounds dumb, it may very well be a consequence of the telephone syndrome or the rumor mill or even simple misunderstanding.  Don’t support the rumor mill and spread it about – because that does a lot more damage to the guild than a raiding slump.

So here’s a cheer and shout out to my guild, for overcoming the obstacles that have taken out other guilds.  Let’s keep doing what we do!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “The Nasty Rumor Mill”

  1. I hate gossip and drama. I hate it so much precious. It’s what in the end lead to me wanting a fresh start on ThoBro. On my previous server, the guilds I was in (which were very few in my 4+ years) inevitably had outbursts of drama, some worse than others. One of the worst ones I thankfully missed due to being on vacation lead to the GM appearantly having a hissy fit and dismantling the guild. During one particular drama-fest, I said to a guildie “You know, the next bout of drama will do me in” and sure enough, when the next fairly mild bout of it came, and lead to many good raiders leaving, I came to the conclusion that something had to change. And leaving the server to join the guild of a RL friend was that change.

    I operate under the “keep my mouth shut” rule. I’m not into gossip. I try (and likely fail, as we all surely do) to treat others with respect and keep my nasty gripes about them or about a situation in general to myself. I have a long time friend in game that I usually try to rant to if venting is needed, and sometimes it is.

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