Be Ye Kind To Mages!

Whilst I ponder other things, it has been noticed the role of mages in holidays.  For the first holiday event EVER I have a max level mage!  Which sort of poses a dilemma… how does that help me get my crew around Azeroth?

Easy!  Second account!!!  Make a toon on the second account a raid leader [so your toons aren’t automatically kicked from party], set them all in the same spot, turn off all your addons, have the mage toon pop a portal and then cycle through as quick as you can and have them hop through the portal – do all the quests at that location on all toons and rinse/repeat.

It also comes to mind that a lot of people take mages for granted and/or abuse the ones that exist.  Mages seem to be becoming absent more and more on the server… almost as much as the rogues [they all went into hiding I think].  Whispers such as “port me now” and “gimme port” are exactly why.  If you want to use a mage’s porting service and they AREN’T one of the ones adverting in trade, be kind to them [well be kind to those too, but you get my point here].  Most will be happy to port you somewhere if you ask nicely, and give them a tip.  1g is pretty standard but I’ve received as much as 10-20g for a single port.  I’ve had people tell me that I owe them portals because portals are free.  For those not in the know, portals use reagents and reagents do cost money, granted, not a whole lot.  The sense of entitlement is worse than it was on my warlock regarding summons.

Mages can make your life a lot easier during this event, so be kind to them!!!

In summary:

1. Be kind.

2. Ask, don’t assume.

3. Tip well.

In other news, all my toons have the Pilgrim title and pet!  Woot!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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