Congrats to WaR!!!

Last night was an epicly awesome night of raiding! In fact, the whole weekend was rather good. Saturday night we killed Onyxia [25] and then the Northrend Beasts [25]. We started Sunday with a quick VoA25 – Koralon/Emalon/Archavon annihilation and then went on to kill Jaraxxus and then PWNED the Faction Champions on 25 man for the first time EVER! Everyone was on their toes and giving their all. We’re not a guild experienced in the art of PVP and most of us forget to use PVP talents in places like Wintergrasp, but I saw MUCH crowd control going on from our side! DKs were yanking the warlock when he started hellfiring, chains of ice, disarm from the rogue, cyclone, typhooning mobs away from the healers, strangulate, mind freeze, wind shear, totems totems everywhere! WOOT!

We got a couple good shots at the Val’kyr but it was running late so people were about ready to wind down and such, but since the guild did so well, we’ve elected to extend the ID for one week. We don’t usually do this when so many need gear from it, but we were buzzing with excitement and want to give ourselves a little more time to get a few shots at the later bosses.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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