Something that’s been bothering me of late:

“OMG that’s a 245! I have a 226/232, so it’s an upgrade!”

So many people of late are rolling on gear simply because of item level, without taking any regard for the stats. I’ve seen casters rolling on mp5 gear with no hit. I’ve seen DKs of both roles rolling on block gear, dps dks rolling on tank gear [it has more strength right?], paladins and warriors outright refusing to roll on block gear because the nonblock gear has a higher ilevel.

Maybe I’m just a bit particular, but I am very selective with my upgrades. As an endgame/progression DK tank, I think my armor would all instantly rust if I put a block piece in there or spellpower… Ewwww.  Besides that, I firmly believe in stat balance – with any class/role.  I have one of every class at 80, save my warrior who is 71.  I’m quite familiar with what stats each class needs [and with most specs].  Playing to 80 and the most basic research was more than enough to clue me in on the basics.  Not saying my toons are perfectly itemized and balanced, but Askevar is as close as it comes – she’s my main and the one I’ve put all my raiding energy into.  I am trying to up her parry and lower her dodge for icecrown [and contemplating a blood spec for tanking in addition] but that’s more incidental.

Heck, I don’t even roll on offset gear unless it’s going to shard, hence why my dps set is… not the best. Why am I going to take a piece of gear away from a mainspec dps? That just hurts our progression. My dps set will eventually come along… it always does. Why would a caster dps even roll on an mp5 piece? [specifically an mp5 trinket]? Why would you deny your healer that extra upgrade to keep the raid alive?  I mean, if the healers all have it, or if you have a healing offset [especially if you’re using it to help the raid], I can sorta get it, but still… a mage rolling on an mp5 trinket?

It shows me that either the people in question don’t know a thing about their class or that they’re particularly selfish.  That’s why we have a loot master I know, but to see people even think to roll on these things… hurts my feelings.

ETA: This is not referencing new 80’s who take a piece of gear in a heroic that’s not a perfect upgrade when no one else needs it.  My mage does in fact have an mp5 ring from the headless horseman event that absolutely no one else in the party could use – and it was better than the 155 blue she had.  She’s also not raiding beyond 10 man naxx alt runs and is more pvp focused.  I’m refering to endgame raiding where everything is pretty much a “perfect” upgrade for someone/class/spec.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “Something that’s been bothering me of late:”

  1. *winces* Yuck. You’re right, that’s not cool.

    I, personally, have a addon called (I think) StatScore. It basically takes gear that I mouse over and calculates the crit/mp5/bonus healing/etc and then compares it to what my current gear gives me. It’s much easier than having to quickly calcate whether a gear with uber int gives higher crit than a piece with a little bit of crit rating. Now, I just look at gear and the statscores are OMGRED! That means it’s a downgrade. If it is OMGGREEN! Then it is probably an upgrade and worth taking a closer look at. But yeah, even so, as a healer, I won’t roll on gear with +hit unless it’s for my off set.

    On the other hand, I have to point out that this all began with the gearscore craze and the pains of getting into a pug. So… yeah. I’m not fond of that, either.

  2. You’d think that people would be wiser if they’re running progression content, wouldn’t you? Progression content is a team effort, and that half of the fun! Right?

    You want your healers healing you, your tanks taking hits without getting squashed, the damage-dealers dishing it out like machines.

    But nope. I’ve seen it, too: something drops that would be better for someone else, but it could be of use to Joe Lootnabber, and his eyes turn up “TILT!” and he rolls.

    Like the team is never going to come back…

    Oh, wait… if you take the things that people need to make it in their role, you’re goosing your chances of ever seeing the next rung.

  3. Sadly, item level factors into gear score and gear score is how most pugs determine if you’re up to snuff to enter the raid they are running.

    *flinch* I’m also a gear score junky when it comes to determining eligibility for raid pugs. I have ran too many Ulduar pugs where the OT has a gear score of 350.

    With that being said, I do take a look at the actual gear itself before final judgement. I don’t care if your gear score is 600, if you’re in all resto gear and you’re suppose to be an elemental shaman, you’re not doing yourself justice.

    So I do agree that item level and gear score aren’t everything. If someone pays more attention to the item level on a piece of gear then to the actual stats, they are just being selfish.

  4. I just wish people would stop being so greedy in terms of rolling when you already won. I have a paladin that has run ToC 10 5-6 times? I have one single item out of there, and when i won it I got a tell saying I should have let someone else have it. Meanwhile I see folks with multiple items on 2 specs. Have a heart and pass on items sometimes.

    I’ve intentionally passed on drops for both my DK and Pally cause I knew another person wanted a certain drop badly. It makes their day and also makes you feel good. And best of all your raid/guild benefits overall.

    Gear is not the be all end all.

  5. I like when the Ret Paladin rolls need on a Tanking weapon that the Tank obviously needs, and wins. Then wonders why the Tank is pissed.

    I am usually very observant about what stats my gear upgrades get. I remember several times upgrading and noticing I did worse then before the gear change, so I pay close attention. I only roll on offspec if people get greedy for their off spec. There have been stuff I wanted for my ret set that I have gladly passed up on because someone of main spec needed an item. Its courteous I think to do that. In this game however, it all goes out the window when you PuG.

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