Pugging fun…

I did several pugs today on my many alts.  I first pugged as a healer because I thought I’d get in quick and I did…  to an Old Kingdom group with a hunter in charge who felt that because he was the disenchanter, he was entitled to all enchanting mats.  He made snarky stupid comments the whole instance and got on my case constantly.

Second dungeon was on my druid – kitty – the group fell apart after the first boss in HoL because the tank just randomly left.  I got into another group and we pwned it easily.

Hopped on my mage and that group owned Nexus in short short order

Hopped on my hunter and quick run through AN

Shaman – idiot group with a DK tank who thought that because he had 30k health, he was invincible and could do HUGE pulls and not follow standard target kill order in OK [spellflingers first PLEASE!].  They jumped on the disc priest and as a result, I left as well.  Got into an AN run right after and we knocked it out.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Pugging fun…”

  1. Go girl!

    We also tried out the dungeon finder last night. Group was good but we had so many issues with the dungeons being full that we queued for the randome dungeon to get our frost emblems and ended up not getting them.

    The “no new instances can be launched at this time” error, caused us to try to load the dungeon, get kicked out and have to end up waiting 15 minutes to get in. I think this caused the “random daily dungeon” to glitch cause we didn’t get embles or credit for doing the daily.

    Tried queueing up for the new 5 man on normal but everytime the group filled up we’d get the error then everyone would be kicked from the group.

    So we said, blah, and we off to play our RaF toons since Eto’s account is fixed and we can now trade to him and get him in guild.

    Oh, yeah! Also had another recruit from the ladies forum last night.

    Missed you guys, hope to see you soon!

  2. Yeah apparently the “no new instances” problem went from being just server specific to world wide… sadly.

    We had the same problem yesterday evening.

  3. I am so stoked, I will probably level a couple toons via this new system omg. Apparently Horde in our battlegroup is fairly decent for the 80 stuff, dunno ’bout mid-level. *fingers crossed* Glad to hear at least some of your runs went well!

  4. Yeah, the whole enchanting thing has gotten in a lot of people’s craws. Most don’t express it so eloquently as this, but it annoys me too. I don’t expect that I should get all of the drops. I am perfectly happy to roll greed on all items and disenchant only those items I win. What bothers me is that someone else can use my profession to turn a 3g vendor item into a 30-40g AH item without my permission. No matter how you slice it, that isn’t fair.
    I would be perfectly happy to use the current auto-DE system, as-is, with one exception. I would really, really like to have a check-box in my options panel that lets me decide whether or not I wish to share my enchanting services with a group. Maybe it sounds selfish to some, but if I pay my own time, effort and money (both real and artificial) to level up a profession, then how and when that profession gets used really ought to be my decision.

    And for the record, I would leave the box checked 99% of the time. I don’t have a problem with sharing my profession with the group. I have a problem with being forced to share my profession with the group. So maybe that’s all just an ego-trip or whatever, but that’s the way I feel.

    Of course I also have the decency not to bore random groups with rants about my problems with the current system. So, uh, sorry for the necromancy of an old post, but I just thought I’d weigh in with a more reasoned explanation of what is bothering so many enchanters about the new system.

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