Please explain to me….

How ANY level 80 can be doing 500 dps?

Especially in epics and level 200 blues…

ETA: This is refering to a warrior who WAS in DPS gear in DPS spec… and was pulling 500 dps… srsly.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

9 thoughts on “Please explain to me….”

  1. o.O

    Umm, they were afking a lot?

    That’s crazy!! I don’t know how any 80, even in quest greens, could only do 500 dps.

    Sounds like they just weren’t trying or may auto attacking everything, but even then I’d think they would pull more then 500 if they were constantly on auto attack.

  2. If he was from a different server, then the reply is simple: he probably didn’t. AFAIK, melee dps can’t correctly be measured by recount cross-server at this stage. 🙂

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