Of Frozen Orbs…

I’ve seen quite a few posts about people “ninjaing” frozen orbs.  And while I don’t doubt that some people have – I’ve seen intentional ninjas myself, most of these seem to derive from a difference in the “norms” from server to server.  On Thorium Brotherhood, the normal convention is to roll “Greed” on frozen orbs.  But on other servers, apparently the norm is to roll “Need” [which actually prevents ninjas in their minds – because everyone is supposed to roll need].

I understand the principle of being against ninjas – and I am – I hate the behavior.  But the fact is, if someone just asks ahead of time how to roll, or even says “Everyone need/everyone greed the frozen orb”, then it will clear up MOST of the misunderstandings and supposed “ninjaing frozen orbs”.  If it’s not worth asking and setting the record straight ahead of time, is it really worth fussing over?  I went from having about 10 spare frozen orbs before 3.3, to having 2 extra stacks now and that includes a couple of instances where people needed the orb and “ninjaed” it.

It’s not worth me asking to be honest.  It really isn’t.  But it is worth waiting to see what other people roll, because most of the time everyone else follows suit.  If people roll Need, I roll Need.  If they roll Greed, I roll Greed.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Of Frozen Orbs…”

  1. I went from having 2 Frozen Orbs before 3.3, to 6 stacks after, rolling greed of course. So far I have not had trouble with anyone “ninjaing” any orbs as they dont sell for very much anymore anyway. I have however had a few people ninja Glyph books, which also dont sell for much anymore.

    Only problem I have with the new loot system is when and this is no lie, a BoE epic dagger dropped, every one but me disenchanted it >.<. Because you know that 40g abyss crystal is worth more then the 1300g epic it self lol. Epic fail. It was "sharded".

  2. Also they’re frozen orbs … it’s not like they’re exactly falling all over themselves in value. I have so many sitting in my bank from greeding I could make myself a ball pool. A cold ball pool.

  3. I’m not exactly hurting for orbs, either, but to me it’s the principle of the thing. If I just spent my time, effort and real world money for the opportunity to run an instance, I expect that I should have a fair roll at all of the loot that drops as part of that instance.

    With all due respect to the people writing it off as acceptable because the orbs aren’t worth much, try walking in to any grocery store, taking a candy bar off the shelf and walking out the front door without paying. See how far these excuses get you with the authorities. “It’s not worth much, the store had dozens, I have plenty at home” and so on. Ninjaing loot is no different from stealing that candy bar, except that when somebody steals my 30 minutes I can’t get back that time, or the money I paid Blizzard for spending that time in the game. It can’t be handed back to me like the candy bar. When you ninja something, you are stealing, not just the item, not just the time and money spent, but a little piece of the enjoyment of every member of the party you ran with. That is not acceptable. Ever. The fact the loot being ninjad is more or less worthless only makes the crime all the worse, because you violated that trust for something that most people would give for the asking.

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