Dear Disc Priest I ran with, Ghostcrawler says You’re doing it wrong!!!!!

I got a pug last night with hubby’s tank on my hunter… and lo and behold, we had a disc priest healer who felt the need to be a jerk in telling me and the other “low” dps how much we stink. I was pulling right at 1900-2k dps. The hunter is capable of more I know, but I can’t quite seem to make her tick right, even using the proper rotation and such. Someone giving me grief actually hurts my numbers rather than helps.

Well to make the point, I told the priest he needs to keep the tank bubbled.

“Well that interferes with the tank’s threat building.”

Uh. No. Stop being an idiot right now and go back to holy or shadow if that’s what you believe [was thinking that]. If you believe that’s how a disc priest operates – if you’ve done that LITTLE research, just… STOP. Bubbles are the cornerstone of Disc priesting… they are the POINT. Damage mitigation n such? Even my hubby did a facepalm at that.

Lesson: Don’t criticize someone for their dps when you aren’t doing your job because they may just have that toon/class/spec. A lot of people are running these heroics to try and gear up so they may not be pushing 4k. A couple of my toons scrape the bare bottom in the way of dps [I consider 1500 a BARE minimum for heroics] but most of them can pull 2k ish. Hubby says the reason for that is because I’ve focused on my tank and healer to the exclusion of my dps toons. My next project – to get one pulling a solid 3k [probably my kitty, because she’s close – 2900].

And in Disc Priest news:
Ghostcrawler says:

“If a group is getting on to you for using PW:Shield as a Discipline
priest (or jeez even a Holy priest), you have my permission to say “GC
says you’re doing it wrong.”

There you go.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Dear Disc Priest I ran with, Ghostcrawler says You’re doing it wrong!!!!!”

  1. In this healer’s defense, they USED to be right. Back in BC, the threat system was based on the damage taken, thus making bubbles bad. It is possible that they just pulled their priest out of retirement or something. However, when I ‘rezzed’ my priest after a year away from WoW, I made sure to do my homework as I relearned how to heal with an 80 disc priest. So, yeah, *slaps hand* bad priest. Things change in a year!

    Much love for the tank,
    A disc priest. 🙂

    1. It used to be the case, yes, but it hasn’t been for a bit and I still run into people that yell at me for bubbling once in a while.. massive pet peeve.

  2. I like it when a person tells me how to heal when they dont even have a healer. I dont know about others but when I pick a role for my classes I read up on what to do, spec all that good stuff. Some just dont care.

    Also to say, I focus so much on healing as well that I am so fail when it comes to ret dps. Dps is suppose to be easy, but not for me. I make it difficult lol. I am only half palatard, my ret half. Atleast im honest and know where I stand.

  3. When tanking 5 mans as pally, I secretly like it when a priest doesn’t shield me much. I get a lot of mana back from the damage I’m taking, so it makes my life easier. I did test it once with a guildie and I prefered when she didn’t shield me.

    But the difference isn’t significant to the point where I’d insult a stranger by asking for them not to shield me.

  4. A Disc priest that doesn’t shield doesn’t get the buff to healing that the Weakened Soul debuff provides, thus, they gimp themselves. I’ve had a Pally tank bitch at me for using the shield because they couldn’t get mana back from my healing – yet my regular tank doesn’t have any issues. Why? He adapts.

    It boggles my mind that people are still stuck in the BC mindset of “BUBBLES BAD”. I laugh. If you don’t like it, find a new healer, IMO. /foam

  5. I remember when I was levelling with M’Pocket Tank, I didn’t bubble at all because it interfered with her mana-regen and threat-building but these days, especially at endgame, if a li’ll bit of bubbling is getting in the way of that I think you’ve got bigger problems than PW:S. It’s not exactly the most mana-efficient thing you can do as a holy priest but I still use bubble far more than I used to simply because in the middle of a raid or a tough heroic “omg!minimisingdamageohyespleaseyes!!”

    Also grrr to people give you shit about your DPS.

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