PuGs, Gotta Love Them?

I’ve been trying to get my shaman into H-ToC to get her some better gear.  And it’s been working alright.  Last night I convinced my hubby [prot pally] and a friend in guild [pally healer] to queue with me and we got in instantly of course.  Got through the jousting and three champions, then got Eadric.

While we were taking down his first group of adds, I delayed in setting down totems simply because the things were dying so quickly [mind you, the totems had been down every other pull] and got a snarky “So shaman don’t have totems any more?”

“There’s no need to get smart, they’ve been out every pull before now.”

There’s a long pause, in which we’re discussing how rude the guy was on vent.  And apparently he took a look at our guild tags and replied “Oh just joking”

Dear sir, next time we will vote kick that kind of rudeness.  Mind your Ps and Qs.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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