Week in Review:

A lot has happened this week.

All 10 of my Thorium Brotherhood toons achieved the “Merrymaker” title.  Most of them had completed all but the PVP [Winter helper], Santa hat, and Ogrila achieves last year so it didn’t take much to do it.

Askevar just got the Pride of the Eredar cloak… which made my decision of getting the Ashen Verdict cloak versus belt ironically :P.  She’s going to have to rebalance her stats as she’s not hit capped, but eh, a couple of gems and I’ll be good.

Kintara and Alika have been getting gear all week.  Alika is now 4 piece tier 9 in her prot spec, as is Kintara for disc and both have got everything out of the Emblems of Triumph that they can aside from crusader orbs for crafted items.

Tsali [shaman] and Aulao [mage] got their first t9 pieces, and Askalaphos [hunter] got her second.  Arica [kitty] is working on her third and got the melee 245 trinket last night.  So yeah, just doing their frost badges daily is stacking up the triumphs.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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