Baby Warrior Tanking Blues:

I took my baby warrior [level 75] into the random LFD as a tank.  I’ve bought as much tanking stuff as I could for him.  He’s at 476 defense and short of some expensive enchants, don’t really know how to boost him higher, but he’s done a good job, much better than most of the tanks I’ve seen queuing in Northrend level instances without defense gear at all.

Anyway, I accept, get into the instance, and I see that 4 of us are zoned in, the fifth was on a quest mount, and I assumed, would come along shortly.  The healer tells me to go ahead and pull.  So I do.  First pull goes perfect.  Mobs die, we don’t.  Second pull: DK dps pulls my offtarget rather than focusing on the one I clearly marked skull.  We wipe.  I then notice that the mage in the group is standing at the beginning of the instance… just standing.   And the druid’s quest completer is dinging off the objectives he’s continuing to do as we’re sitting there.

They call for him to come in several times with no response.  He’s party lead, AND we have the debuff so we can’t vote kick, and then the healer and dk begin critiquing my weapon and how I want “tanking stats”.  Now, I’m using the 1 handed resilience BOA weapon.  I specifically bought the pvp one because resilience helps you crit cap as a tank [and I have stonekeeper shards everywhere].  I have 3 level 80 tanks, 2 of whom are plate wearing and one of whom is insanely geared.  There’s not a good level 75 tanking weapon that I’ve been able to get hold of, so what am I supposed to do?  Magicly create one?   I’ve already sat down with my blacksmith, leatherworker and other assorted profession alts to bump this guy’s defense as high as I can, and I’m experienced at tanking to boot.

Why am I supposed to sit there and take abuse from a healer who knows it all, a dk who won’t stay on target, a mage that wants to sit at the front of the instance and a druid who won’t even get in the bloody instance?  I left.  As a level 75 tank, I can queue again and be in within seconds of the buff going away.  I’m sorry, but I’m not going to fight that level of epic dumb.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “Baby Warrior Tanking Blues:”

  1. People will never seize to give advice for something they have never done before, or know less of it than yourself. Dum-dums are everywhere I tell ya, unfortunately most people in this game are dum-dums.

    1. That looks do-able. I never do the Zul’drak quests because I hate them, but I can probably go snitch that.

  2. You don’t need defense cap to tank the nonheroics in WOTLK, it’s retardedly facerollable. Shit, I did the first 4 or 5 in DPS gear and chainpulled them for 15 minute runs. Healers, even green-wearing healers, got buffed to the teeth in patch 3.0. No reason to chase defense gear until you actually need to be uncrittable, in heroics.

  3. Tanks get a lot of abuse from puggers, I’ve found. Far more than dps or even healers. It’s really no wonder that it’s hard to find one sometimes. ]:/

  4. People are less forgiving of tanks and healers, which may be why they’re so hard to find (especially tanks). Hopefully your other groups were better. D:

  5. Haha. I am now training my DK, and my main is Warrtank+Warrdps. Since my main now is exclusively crafter, I needed new mining slave… hello mr. DK. Anywhoo, went to tank a Blood Furnace, ended up with two from my own server. The usual crap – “we’re too leet to let tank choose targets”, “we’re too cool to use focus and assist” etc. Still, we managed to avoid wiping, just random deaths from aggro going wild.

    Then the idiots kicked me mid-pull… good luck fighting a group with no tank, and good luck finding tank! I got my NEXT BF group in 5 minutes, and was surprised how smooth it was. Though the fact 4 of us were decked out in heirlooms was kinda tale-telling… the best moment came when I zoned out and went to turn in the quests, and saw one of the idiots from the first group, the one from my server, broadcasting “Need Tank to finish BF, please heeelp…” into General-HFP channel.

    Tho I gotta say you’re right. Tanks will get abused; and tanks need to have balls of steel and inflated egos that would allow them to shrug off all sorts of faggotry going on, without becoming faggots themselves…

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