2009 Meme

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been!
an end of the year WotLK meme for WoW_Ladies~
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Our Intrepid Heroes

[1:] Who/what are your mains?
Askevar – Level 80 Human Death Knight

[2:] Which alts were your favorite this year?  [Most to least Favorite]
Kintara – Level 80 Human Discipline Priest
Alika – Level 80 Dwarven Prot Paladin
Arica – Level 80 Night Elf Feral Druid
Tsali – Level 80 Draenei Enhancement Shaman
Aulao – Level 80 Gnome Frost Mage
Askalaphos – Level 80 Night Elf Survival Hunter
Odyyn – Level 75 Night Elf Warrior
Carlyn – Level 80 Human Warlock [Retired]
Kalliana – Level 80 Human Rogue [Retired]

[3:] How many characters did you get to 60? 70? 80?
Nine I think?  Most were already 60-70 when WotLK hit.  The last is at 75.

[4:] What character are you most proud of and why?

Askevar has been an experiment in fun this year.  Becoming a guild raid tank?  And continuing to progress and progress and get better?  I spend a lot of money in respeccing to try new things [my offspec spends more time as a tank offspec than a dps one], but striving to be the best on her has been a frustrating endeavor at times, but very worthwhile.

Kintara – I swore up and down I’d never ever ever level a healer.  I couldn’t stand healing, didn’t want to, and then I discovered bubbles.  Shadow spec hated me [and vice versa] and I refused to go holy on principle.  But heck, she’s well geared now and has healed H-Halls of Reflections twice, so I know I’m doing something right!

Lastly, Alika.  I swore up and down that pally tanking was something I’d never get.  In the last few weeks, since the patch and the call for tanks has been so prominent, I’ve brought her out, geared her, and prefer to tank 5 mans on her for the aoe threat.  I’m also experimenting with a new high-threat/high-dps build my husband found.  I still prefer the DK for raiding, because she’s familiar and I’m still working on bettering her.

Around Azeroth

[5:] What was your biggest/most memorable achievement(s) this year? What was the most painful?
1. Getting Undying on Askevar was probably the biggest achievement I’ve earned this year.   I have to say that leveling a healer and successfully healing H-ToC within a few hours of leveling was a big deal too.    Getting the Skadi mount was also memorable.  It was one of the mounts I most wanted in the game, that was actually feasibly accessible.

Painful achievement?  Hmmmm…

[6:] What has been the most fun raid/pve fight so far in WotLK?
Honestly, my favorite fights as a tank, have been Onyxia [yes, I’m shocked my own self] and Ignis

[7:] What was your favorite quest/questchain?
Didn’t have any to be honest.  Wrathgate was pretty neat.

[8:] A lot of powerful lore has been introduced in this expansion. Any favorite bits?
I’ve enjoyed it all, but have no set favorites.

[9:] The rise of the Lich King has changed Azeroth and its people so much. Who’s your favorite NPC(s) in this expansion?
Oh, poor Bolvar.  I rather like him.  😦

[10:] Which in-game holiday was the most fun this year?
They are all fun and annoying at the same time.  I’m an achievement hog and try to get them all on my alt army… which can make them more tedious 😛

Friends and Enemies

[11:] Did you change guilds this year? If so why?
No.  Been in Wrath and Retribution for 3-3.5 years now I believe.   I have swapped a couple of my alts in and moved retired ones to my bank guild, but eh.

[12:] What was your guild’s biggest/proudest accomplishment this year?
We’re raiding in 2 nights on 25 man what a lot of guilds are taking 4-5 nights to do.  We’re keeping up our standards of professional raiding as much as possible and tempering that with the fact that stuff happens and people have RL.  25 man raid wise our biggest achievement was finally beating Faction Champions – a fight that had befuddled us for a couple months.  Now it’s easysauce!

10 man wise – The ten man my hubby and I run [and tank] runs only one night a week, but downing Marrowgar was very awesome.

[13:] Did you make a lot of new friends? Any mortal enemies?
We always manage to bring in some great people in our guild 😀 so yeah.    No new mortal enemies I know of though.

[14:] Any fun or memorable PVP encounters?
A few close WG battles is all…  nothing super exciting.

Looking Ahead

[15:] What changes are you most excited for in Cataclysm?
I’m interested in the new races and to see exactly how they’re going to shake things up.

[16:] Which new race/class combos are you going to roll? Got any names yet?
Worgen feral druid, goblin hunter probably.  Not sure what else.

[17:] Where do you see your character in the next few months?
I figure my warrior will hit 80 and I’ll probably have 8 toons including him decked out in t9.  Carlyn and Kalliana I’m not likely to bother with as they’re retired, but eh, maybe the bug will strike.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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