We actually made quite a bit of progress.  We’d only gotten Marrowgar down once before, and we took Christmas off of course.  The leader of the other group came with us this week [one of our regulars was out] so she could get a look at the fight.  We managed to down Marrowgar, then Lady Deathwhisper [skin of our teeth] and 2 shot the gunship battle.  So our team is quite stoked about all the rewards.  We’ve been working together for a while so we’re gelling quite well.

Hubby got the tanking sword off Marrowgar, and I scored the defense chestpiece off of Deathwhisper.  I don’t think anyone got two pieces and none were sharded, so it was an amazingly even distribution.  Hopefully something will drop for the other people next week and we’ll get the second guild team to Marrowgar at least and it can only get better from there 😀

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “ICC:10”

  1. Wow, apparently all I needed to do was say I wanted to down Marrowgar on this blog and I did! And we came quite close on Deathwhisper, too.

    /happy grin

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