Just an FYI to DPS:

Don’t run ahead of the group and pull the last boss for the tank… If it’s me or my husband tanking, we’re going to let you die.

After that, don’t then proceed to cuss us out and fuss and brag about how much deeps you were doing in our mostly guild group. We won’t take it well, especially given that you were being a complete jerk trying to rush us along. Gratz on your leet badges. We kicked you from the group to illustrate the point.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Just an FYI to DPS:”

  1. I love it when the DPS think they are so awesome that they dont care if they purposely face pull. What ever happened to “let the tank pull”? All in the past, it’s ancient wow history.

    1. It is so annoying. The first few times, we didn’t mind it… and we don’t mind accidental pulls [a lot of new players cause those] but a dps that consistently runs ahead and initiates pulls because I’m not going fast enough actually slows me down. If I’m stopped for a pause, there’s a reason

      We actually had a healer yesterday who went bear form and started tanking. This was the same tree who kept claiming over and over that he was a pally because he was spamming nourish. Bit odd.

  2. It seems that their mentality is “well we didn’t die did we?” and it annoys the crap outta me. I’m currently leveling my druid tank and it seems everytime I phase into the dungeon there is some idiot mage pulling mobs before everyones buffed up and I’ve gone from kitty to bear. I do think this is gonna come back to bite them in the ass, because there is no bloody way that at 80 a mage is gonna pull those mobs and live. Not when I’m tanking anyway…

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