New Ninja:

Eschersendak of Korgath in his own guild Mushroom Stamps, decided to be a complete jerk and NEED on everything he could off the last boss in an AN run.  Classy!  Congrats on making my blog with your snotty sarcastic comments!

ETA: And since people being jerks is becoming so commonplace, I’ve added a tag solely for bad pugs.  Though I may end up making it a weekly post.

ETA: Thank you Eschersendak for posting your profane commentary.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “New Ninja:”

  1. Thank you for the thoughtfulness in your post. Ninja’ing is not only a hobby, it is an art. Anytime someone goes to the lengths you have to make it known that you were appalled by my actions . . . well, that just makes me feel warm and tingley. Needing something is relative, and honestly, when the option comes up, I feel I “need” you to feel like you’ve just been cheated. My needs have been met- my cup runneth the fuck over. Thanks for making my day big guy. 😉

  2. Wow, sadly these idiots, who think they know how to play are becoming more and more common.

    As I’ve said before, the awesome new LFG system Blizzard has given us only allowed those idiots to run instances after everyone on their home server has banned them or put them on ignore.

    If you have nothing better to do and can’t play nice, you pop LFG and push your asshole-ness off on other people. Yay for the idiots! If you can’t make the gold or the fame by being a good, respected player you make it by showing your ass. That’s the new way to make people remember you. Not to mention they get off on the attention they get from it.

    Oh, well, happy happy times.

    These are also the reasons that queue times are getting longer in LFG. As a tank, I choose not to put up with it and have gone back to running with people I know are good players. I have a feeling LFG will soon be avoided by most people. It’ll be the be all/end all of pugs. I’ve never needed to ignore nearly as many people as I have these past few weeks.

  3. Sounds like a swell character, he does. I suspect all Eschersendak wants is to provoke folks and take glee in their yelling and other upset behavior. *rolls eyes* Loser. All we can do is continue to point the finger at asshole-ish behavior and hope those on the servers these people are on take note. Not much else can be done.

    I go into the PuG’s I do (usually on my healer, Endy) with the attitude of “I want Triumph and Frost emblems, all else is just a bonus,” so if there’s a greedy ass in a group, I just shrug and move on. It’s horrid behavior for sure. The one thing I can’t stand in PuGs is people who curse at you for ‘sucking’. Having been cursed at very thouroughly by a moron from another server for my healing (in HoR, which I now hate), that’s something I *can* do something about, and quickly: drop group.

  4. Maybe he needed on one item for his OS and just happened to win the other two on greed rolls. Could that have been the case? And then when the jerk who didn’t when the items throws a massive QQ attack, he responded in kind? Could that be the case? That maybe this eschersendak doesn’t like ninjas as much as you do, and even more fitting, hates (even more than ninjas) whiny babies that QueQue or low level items when they don’t understand what just happened and didn’t even bother to look at the logs for needing and greeding?

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