The UGLY PUG – First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the UGLY PUG, my tales of woe and QQ in the new LFG system!  I hope you enjoy.

After servers came up this afternoon [last Tuesday], I hopped on my baby Shadow Council alt to run a random on her.  I’ve already had quite a few bad experiences with her, but this took the cake.  It was a warrior tank, priest healer and 3 mages.  One of the mages and the priest midway decided to start needing everything.  I questioned it and got cussed out by the tank and basically told that sucks for me.  I told them.  “Please kick me if you’re going to be jerks”.    So the warrior responded “Bye” and apparently tried to kick me.  Failed.  So he said he was going to make me sit in the instance or I could take the debuff, in his cussing way.  So I sat down and started soaking up experience while the ninja mage and the 3rd mage both left.  Sat there till I noticed my server was up, and logged over.

I then hopped into a pug with my dk.  Occulus.  Not my first choice, but it’s easy now.  Except they were set on doing the Ruby Void achievement.  Without coordination, or knowing their drake abilities.  When they epicly [and I mean, the boss wasn’t even at half health] wiped, and I said I was going to go get a red, because I had no intention of wiping 20 times, they simply kicked me.  I suppose it’s better that way, but eh, pugs are not the place for those achievements.

Last night [Monday night].  I got into a group with 2 guildies, where I was healing for them.  The first instance, the tank wasn’t def capped and I was having to dump heals on, which was a bit annoying, but would have been more tolerable if he wouldn’t have stood in EVERY effect he could AND pull multiple groups at once, and when I run out of mana having to dump heals on him, he keeps pulling.  We finally finished, and I went into another instance with the same guildies who needed badges.  We had a warlock who believed his demon form was his “tank form” and so he was taunting left and right while spamming seed of corruption.  I have never had to rez a person so many times in an instance.  And the time I died and had to run back because I was the only rezzer, he refused to eat or drink, so he went into the final fight with half health and mana.

Chessmaster – Akama, felt that the fact that my hubby didn’t jump into pulling in DTK the second he popped in, gave him license to pull.  And he proceeded to complain about the speed of the run despite the fact that my husband pulled everything up to the first boss room in one single pull.  Since it was too slow, Chessmaster pulled the next room and died [I guess it didn’t occur to him that rezzing him would slow us down] and then without manaing up or healing, moved to pull the boss.  I asked if the priest was going to tank, and he again complained about the group being slow.  I replied that if he didn’t let the tank pull, the tank was going to let him die again.  His reply “I’m only a healer if I heal you”.  So we told him to please leave.  His reply “Well I have alts”.  Good for you.  If you aren’t going to heal on your healer, go play them.  No offense to good Akama people [though I have yet to meet one] but your server seems to be full of idiots.

Speaking of Akama, Kurabak, shaman, needed on the Tyrannical Beheader in Pit of Saron because as a guildie told me he “needs his 26g for the dungeon”.  Yet he offered to sell it to my DK friend who actually did need it for 150g.

And yet more Akama Drama!!!!  Vinks, a lock from Akama seems to feel it’s appropriate to spam Seed of Corruption [as in 75% of his damage] in H-HoR, life tap himself to death and then whine and fuss about how sad the healer is [myself] because we couldn’t keep him up through the mass aggro attack in an already intense situation.

I finally, just last night, found an Akama player who didn’t suck.  Eistahn – Akama- Mage pulling a solid 4k in VH and not pulling threat.  Even complimented me afterwards on tanking 🙂  You rock!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “The UGLY PUG – First Edition”

  1. Speaking of Akama, Kurabak, shaman, needed on the Tyrannical Beheader in Pit of Saron because as a guildie told me he “needs his 26g for the dungeon”. Yet he offered to sell it to my DK friend who actually did need it for 150g.


    That takes the cake – what an asshat!

    1. Yeah, my DK was the one tanking that one. Guy was with me for another 10 minutes trying to sell me the axe.
      I told him I’m reporting him for it, granted Blizz can’t really do crap about it, but it made my night.
      Luckily I managed to nab it the next day with a guild run so all is well inn DK land.

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