DPS and Healers: You’re shooting yourselves in the foot.

I have 7 toons I try to run through their daily heroic for their frost badges.  One of those I run as a healer.  One I run as a tank.  Five I run as dps [and 2 of these have tank sets].  This morning, I’ve been through 4 heroics already and every single one had a healer with attitude – and at least one dps in each.  I’m not kidding.  Every Single Healer.


*pulls group of mobs for tank, while tank scrambles to gather them back up*

“Tank, you suck, go to tank school”

“We’ve been in here almost 15 mins!  Too SLOW!  GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!”

*healer goes boomchicken and pulls everything to try and outdps everyone as a healer with a low threat tank* [causing my enhancement shaman self  and the ret pally in group to throw tank heals and trash our dps on the meters and get laughed at – not fun].

That has been my morning.  And at least 2 of the tanks were new tanks who told me after the fact that they should have just gone dps because they obviously sucked.  [One of these was quite good – the other needs a lot of practice].

I know that bad tanks exist – I’ve seen them and blogged about a few.  But seriously people – if you want more tanks to ease queue times then how about not freaking out if the run takes an extra five minutes?  Or if the tank needs to go a little slower?

In my own guild – LOTS of our members are starting to work on tank sets, but are too terrified of this kind of crap to go into the Dungeon finder as anything but dps.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “DPS and Healers: You’re shooting yourselves in the foot.”

  1. I feel you on that sentiment. I have now designated my tanking as guild only and will only run as a tank in guild only group. The badges are not worth putting up with the douchebagness of some players.

  2. People have been very annoying lately with this kind of thing.

    I’ve seen healers that haven’t even let anyone die, get booted without a single word from the people doing the booting. And their not even doing heroics, this is pre-level 60 I seen this happen.

    Seriously, people, it is a game, and if you can’t spend 5 extra minutes to give advice to someone who is new to their role/class (Because we aren’t all as leet as you!!!) then do us a favor and don’t queue up.

    I would personally love to start building a tank set, and have raid tanked in the past (BC) but in the current world we live, being a tank is just an invitation to be flamed.

    The random dungeon finder finds some real jerks!

  3. Ditto. I’ve got a DK tank gathering dust because of exactly this attitude. No way am I putting up with that sort of nonsense while I learn the ropes and put together my gear.

  4. Thus why I will only run with a guild healer.
    Had some fun with a Enhancement shammy a few nights ago. Note that the shammy comes into the group telling us they just respecced to this spec and are trying it out. The other two DPS were a fresh 80 hunter with low DPS and a feral druid that I think was comatose.
    UP is not a hard instance to run but this shammy made it a long and aggravating thing. He kept berating my healer for sucking ass and myself for going too slow.
    Let me just put it out there that indeed he was the highest DPS of the group, but total damage done was by my tank (almost 60% of total output). i asked him calmly at first to pipe down, do his thing so we can continue. THAT made him snap. It got to the point that on the last boss I whispered the hunter to FD to get rid of his threat and I stopped attacking the boss. Healer didn’t have to do much healing on me as I kept dodging and the shammy slowly built up his threat, ignored the warning and got himself ganked by the boss. We the killed the boss, told the kid that next time respect your tank and healer and left him dead in the instance.

  5. /agreed.

    It drives me mad – everytime a DPS or a healer is a dick in an instance, we lose another tank and the problem gets worse.

    Thankfully I don’t really have to deal with arsey healers – I *am* the arsey healer 😉

    But I have on several occasions initiated vote-kicks to get rid of DPS not respecting the pace of the tank – so *satisfying* 😀

  6. Some guildies and I were talking over this very issue last night and it’s crazy what kind of attitudes the LFD system has brought to the fore in people. The tank is going to fast, the healer is taking too long, gogogogogogogo! Just what is the rush? It didn’t used to be this way. Talking trash to the tank isn’t wise because they can just leave and re-queue and get a group like *that*. Talking trash to the healer will just make you dead. Besides the fact that it’s rude.

    But seems to me it goes both ways, this lack of patience. You never know if someone’s new to the spec, is an alt, hasn’t played the game in months. A little understanding and patience go a long way. I’ve had a tank rip me a new one in HoR on my healer (in very colorful language) and I didn’t feel I deserved his harsh words. Wiping due to the tank starting the event before buffing and mana is up isn’t something I can necessarily stop. I’ve decided if anyone ever gives me that kind of undeserved tounge lashing again, I’ll just drop. I don’t need that. I’ve read on the Tank forums on WoW.com that some tanks refuse to use LFD or drop at the first sign of trouble, due to party mates not waiting and running ahead to pull mobs because “they’re not going fast enough” or some such thing.


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