Main Tank is a Thing of the Past!

No, I’m not resigning from tanking. Yet something I knew and couldn’t quantify has finally been thrown in my face. Not a bad something – but a revelation!

Main Tanks are a thing of the past. Tanking Teams are in now.

Perhaps I overlooked this for so long because my hubby and I are a tanking team. We sit next to each other and swaps are made with split second timing in our ten man. We’re so used to anticipating each other and knowing what’s going to happen before it does. It was only a matter of time before we found our 25 man counterpart – who is an equally geared, equally played warrior.  Learning the fights together is interesting, I must admit. Because we ALL have to be in there, we all have to be together, and we all have to have some decent split second timing [particularly on Marrowgar].

Hubby has been rotating the three of us through the tanking roles… sometimes I’m tanking Jaraxxus, sometimes it’s the warrior [he always feels that as a pally he’s better placed on the adds]. He picks two of us for the twin Valkyr, and we swap like crazy on the beasts.   I figure when we get more in ICC25 we’ll be doing some more of that, but for now – Marrowgar requires all three of us.  This requires all three of your tanks to respect and trust their fellows and not permit ego to get in the way.

But yes, the awesome uber Main TANK position of Burning Crusade? Gone. To progress well in current 25 man content – you need a three person tanking team. All three of them have to take the same beating right [ie Marrowgar]?


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Main Tank is a Thing of the Past!”

  1. I see this as a good thing, I’d like to see more 4 tank fights really. We as healers experience this in every raid. If the tank healers and raid healers don’t work together and help one another the raid wipes. We have to know who’s good on what tank, in what fight, and know when one another needs help without a word spoken.

    I enjoy that sort of team work and play. It means more when we pull together and work as one, rather than 25 people who showed up to kill some loot pinata.

  2. ICC-25 is a bit annoying, because after Marrowgar there are only two tanks needed at any given time, at least back until Festergut and Putricide. So I keep switching to Arms, because out of my tanking team I do the most dps.

    So if anything, I’m the main offtank, which is kind of annoying. It helps a bit I’m not half bad at dpsing and have the gear to support it (even if half of it is one tier lower).

    I love tanking with my two paladin tanks though. I know what they’re going to do, they know what I’m gonna do. If one of us screws up, the other(s) are already there. Only thing I’m not happy about is that we don’t make that good of a team with other tanks in the guild, but that’s probably a matter of time and experience.

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