Ugly Pug Version 2

I apologize for the skip last week.  So you get two weeks of stories in one post 😀

Selinao, dk tank extraordinare, is a dual wield blood tank.  The group we were in was having a lot of problems keeping her up simply because besides being squishy, she was refusing to use rune strike.  We made several polite suggestions and recommendations, which we assumed were ignored because she kept us in combat so we couldn’t kick – until we wiped on the Black knight.  We have adds going everywhere.  I mean, seriously, two of my frost mage’s frostbolts and I had aggro, so we were all having to hold back.  The DK tank dies and starts screaming “WTF HEALZ!!!???!!!?!” in party chat.  Um… vote to kick.

So one of our dpsers also conveniently dc’s.   We kick her and requeue after a few minutes.  We get a pally tank and a dps hunter named Gakinpro from – you guessed it, AKAMA!!!!!  Our favorite hive of scum and villainy!!!!  Who proceeds to spend time cussing in party chat and yelling at the tank to “GOGOGGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!” then claims that the only reason we finished was his leet dps and leaves party.  Um, yeah, thanks.  Always appreciate the blog material!

Sonaa of Eitrigg, holy paladin or tank… not sure which.  She decides to pull the boss because “I thought you [the tank] were right behind me”.  I shrugged and commented that hey, more blog material for me.  At the end, she said:

The healer Freyala of Draka, a disc priest, decided that she could sleep through Heroic Halls of Reflections and also give us crap for not moving the AOE of the mobs away from her when the flamestrike was on top of her.  And with 22k/29k mana, not throwing heals and allowing people to die?  Epic fail.  I’ve healed the instance on Kintara pre-nerf so I know what it takes and what it takes to do it well.

I had my first rankwatch freakout this week.  Usually pugs are happy to know their stuff is a rank lower.  But Perpetual of Saurfang would prefer to run in ignorance, as they quickly expressed to me in party chat cussing.  Which proceeded to continue throughout the instance.  Sorry, as you sarcastically commented, I didn’t teach you how to play, nor would I try to teach a holy pally, because I don’t know much about the spec.  I do know about pallies in general as I have one.  Anywho, as I said, more blog material for me.  Thank you for the blog material.  That I did mean.    I’m sure our tank enjoyed your lesson on what tanks do “Keep aggro from the dps”.  Bears can only do so much, and dps shouldn’t be on his offtarget or initiating pulls.

What is it with healers this week?  Undaunting of Korgath felt the need to rush a relatively new [but good] dk tank, including making pulls for them, resulting in one death of a dps.  She then ninjaed the orb at the end – insult to injury I suppose.

I see all these complaints about tanks with holier than thou attitudes, and yet all I seem to run into this week is healers in that vein.  Healers that are owed stuff because if they don’t heal you, the world is going to end.

Earlier in a Heroic Halls of Reflections run, we had some trouble… lost a few, got a few more.  But through the entirety we had a whiny warlock… 246 average ilevel, who was pretty much only casting rain of fire… and only pulling 1700 dps.  She’d life tap herself to death midfight and be shocked when someone died as a result.  We managed to finally get through it after a pallytank who couldn’t keep the aboms off me from healing aggro, to a bear who wanted to run the gauntlet and was screaming “FOCUS FIRE!!!” without marking a target.  We finish and she starts berating me for being a fail healer.  We all laughed at her pretty good.  So watch out for the leet Anastatsiya of Draka, proof that anyone can get ICC25 gear already.

A bit after that Tyralis and Pycho of Mug’thol – a mage and DK respectively, thought that it was their job to pull for my hubby’s pally.  We let them die, while they whined and cussed and told them to leave.  Tyralis left, but Pycho stripped naked and started running about aggroing mobs, refusing to go and we couldn’t vote kick because of the timer.  Naturally I did the only logical thing – hop on my second account and contact an officer in his guild.

I don’t have more stories from this week other than the two above simply because it’s been a very good pug week.  I’ve had a pally tank who insisted my warrior come through the weekly raid with him despite having just hit 80 and they even gave me the tanking boots off of Noth.  I had an awesome healer from Akama, Regalfire, who was really really good and as sweet as healers come!  I had this amazing holy pally healing my protpally [Schribe for short] with almost 39k mana that I never touched.  His first words?  “Gasp – another pally in a pug with pallypower!!!  YAY!”  My lowbie druid healed a SFK run for a warrior tank from my server – Dokria – great tank and very polite 🙂  And it was nice to have the entire group compliment my healing.  Made me feel really good.

Before my readers get negative – I have this penchant for getting more crazies than most in my pugs – hence the column.  I used to get pissed off by a lot of the stupid that happened.  Now I look at it as a great story to tell.  Whether it’s just to my friends in the guild, or to my hubby or on a blog, it’s always fun to tell a story that happened and watch or hear someone else’s reaction to it 😛

Because I am also getting in a lot of good pugs lately, the Ugly Pug may branch out to tell some of those stories too… you never know.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Ugly Pug Version 2”

  1. Wow, those are some tales of fail. I still *crosses fingers* haven’t had a great many nasty encounters. Only one bad HoR run sticks out in my head. Aside from that, the interparty sniping and comments haven’t been directed at me. I had a healer from ThoBro last night when I did my random on my DK who left without a word after wiping on the second boss of Gundrak. She whispered me saying she felt bad leaving a same server person but the tank just couldn’t hold aggro and that’s why she died. We finished ok but I was handily the top DPS by a loooong ways, with the tank below what I usually see them at….under 1k DPS. Oy.

    On my healer, I don’t feel entitled to anything just because the party lives or dies at my hands..muahahhahahaaaaaa! *cough* The only time recently I’ve not healed people (much) out of spite is on my lowbie pally when locks lifetap down to almost nothing just before a pull. Irritates the crud out of me when they just stand there, expecting heals instead of eating food or using a bandaid to get their health back up.

    I’m curious what spell or ability Perpetual of Saurfang was using a lower rank of? The only time I can remember pallies intentionally using a lower rank of anything is Level 1 Consecrate in AV back in the day.

  2. Yeah, that makes no sense at all. Especially cause (if they were healing), they have the improved talent, which increases the attack power bonus of BoM by 25%. Yeah, I looked it up in the Armory. 😀

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