GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!: An “Angry” Tank rant.

Frequently this message, or some variant of it, is the first thing I see when I zone in an instance as a tank.  Heck, it’s often the first thing I see in any role, but more directed at me on one of my tanks.

And you know what?  I’m getting sick of hearing it.  I don’t zone in thinking “OMG I want to take 2 hours to do this measly instance”.  My goal is always to do an instance as quickly as possible, group permitting.  There are any number of reasons I will hesitate to pull, or pull slower than I’d like.

1. Ability on Cooldown
2. Healer has no mana
3. Group isn’t working well together
4. Two dps are under 1k dps

And on and on and on.  I know my job.  I know how to do my job.  Let me do my job, or I promise, I’ll make yours harder.  Like the rogue who kept tricksing mobs to me.  Pally bubble solved that one 😛  Also dispelling the tricks before he even went in.  I have and will do that.  Or just standing there, until the “uber rogue/hunter/whatever” passes me on threat.

I truly hate the rogue class.  I hate playing my own.  And with about 3 exceptions, I don’t know any skilled ones.  Rogues, generally speaking, seem to have ego problems and an inability to work together with a group.   I know that’s an unfair statement, and one a lot of people make about dks and I’d never kick someone from a group simply because they’re a rogue, but still…

Now, let me explain why yelling at the tank to gogogo is a bad thing.

1. Tanks hear it constantly.  We’re tired of hearing it, seeing it, whatever.  You saying that isn’t going to make me go faster.  In fact, if I’m on my pally tank, it’s the short way to not get buffs, as I will refuse to do buffs, so I won’t waste my mana and can gogogo, or I may just decide to slow it down massively.

2. I will purposely make you wait.  I will.  And if you pull for me, you and/or the group will pay for it.  I ALWAYS take the first few pulls easy, to check out my healer and see what the dps is like.  Then I can set the pace.

3. You pulling for me is really bad.  Even if you can tricks or MD me, you’re throwing me off.  Hence I may miss a pickup.  If you don’t have a misdirect of some sort, it’s very very bad.  My AOE might very well be on cooldown, then where do they all go?  The healer!  That’s not going to do you any favors all the way around.

4. Piss off tanks enough, and we’ll start queuing as dps.  Been there, done that.  I have the time for the 10 minute wait most of the time.  Or conversely, I’ll run only with guildies.

5. You persist in being a jerk and I’ll sit down and refuse to tank.  And you make it awful enough for me with your filthy mouth?  I have plenty of alts to play until the debuff goes away and I have no qualms with popping up a second account and having a chat with one of your guild’s officers.  I’ve had that pleasure several times already.

In short, I’m here to take abuse from mobs and bosses… not other players.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!: An “Angry” Tank rant.”

  1. The ‘queue as DPS’ thing is what I’ve started resorting to. It’s just too annoying to tank for jerks like these, even when vastly overgeared for the instance.

  2. I still queue up as a tank for randoms, granted I always take one of our own healers with me.
    I have simply resorted to letting problematic DPS get themselves ganked and leave them to come back on their own. Not going to have my healer waste the mana for a rez.

  3. You missed –
    5) Waiting for a patrol or otherwise trying not to make things bad.

    While levelling I had a hunter “accidentally” set his pet on the golem pair before the Drakkari Colossus boss while there were still elementals in the area. After tanking the ensuing fracas I said “please don’t pull for me, I was waiting for the patrol”. The response – “What patrol?”…

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