Extended Maintenance is Extended…

I was a bit annoyed this morning, when hubby told me “oh servers are up, no patch, no maintenance message” and a couple hours later, I logged in to find all servers down with NO message.  But eh, I don’t really expect to play Tuesday mornings anyway, and get a lot of work done around the house in the interim, post the Ugly Pug weekly blog and what not.

But yeah, extended maintenance always causes much interesting QQ on the forums.  Good for a laugh if you’re bored enough.

As hubby told me, extended maintenance without an obvious patch usually means they did a server side patch that screwed things up pretty badly.  They want it back up probably worse than we do [I mean I seriously wouldn’t want to be answering their phones right now], so while an annoyance [and trust me – I know.  By the time the servers are back up, my son will probably be up from his nap], there’s not much we can do beyond being patient.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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