The Guild That Blogs Together…

I’ve had the pleasure for a while at reading the entries from members of BoO… a guild with many that blog including their GM.  So, I’m now quite proud to introduce a couple of my blogging guildmates.

[Un]holy randomness – The blog of my best friend IRL, as well as fellow guildie.  She’s proud to play a holy pally and a facemelting DK and has made this blog to share her insights with us!  She literally JUST created the blog yesterday, but I’m so thrilled to have more guildies in the BLOG world!  SQUEE!!!!

Inquatitis’ Blog – Inq, also known by many other names, is Wrath and Ret’s GM.  He plays a DK tank/dps, Warlock, Hunter and even has a rogue hidden somewhere and a baby priest [though the idea of him healing has people shaking for some odd reason].  He’s quite opinionated, but it serves him and the guild well imho.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “The Guild That Blogs Together…”

  1. I never did make my header last night, but at least there’s some more stuff to read on my blog now. I made my first ‘real’ post that’s not a “Hi, I’m new!” kinda thing. I need ideas on stuff I can post. And oh oh! I can put in pictures later too. Spiff it up some! Maybe I should troll around some other blogs more and try to get ideas.

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