Ugly Pug Volume 3

Stories are a bit thin this week, partly because I slacked off on instancing except for my main, to do some of the holiday stuff.

Who needs tanks anymore? Not Duudthewhite and Curtnoob of Mug’thol. Our tank dc’d and without waiting or requeuing, Duud, a mage, decided to pull like a fool. Of course his guildie was healing them. The hunter in our group dropped and I sat there, stealthed, until they finally requeued us. I got completely cussed out, and I was refused a single heal the rest of the instance, but I managed not to die – even on Loken. So thank you both for being complete jerks. Welcome to the Ugly Pug!  By the way, for the folks who read the last edition, these people are from the SAME guild as Pycho and Tyralis!  Unseen Legacy: Hive of Jerks!

Also, I was reminded again why I don’t like tanking heroics on my dk or rather why I’m starting to not enjoy it at all.  I queued as dps as usual on the dk.  I’ve really been working on her gear/rotation and such in heroics.  Figure it’s as good a place as any to learn.   Anywho, our DK tank dc’s midway and rather than wait on a tank, I queue up as tank/dps, swap specs, keep moving.  Except… as a dk dps I was doing about half the total damage, so we’re now gimped, and we get a hunter pulling 500 dps wearing a spirit cloak, defense neck and the full swiftarrow set.  And there’s a ret pally who keeps pulling for me.  After Dred, I die from the bleed debuff because the healer neglects to heal me to full.  I get rezzed and whilst I have 2k health, the ret pally charges off again.  I health up while he dies then pick them up as the healer gets aggro.  Stop to rest and let the healer get full mana.  Off charges the ret again!  Boy was I glad the rolling restart disconnected me at that point.

We had a mage from Korgath [pvp realm] who was a complete jerk in a DTK run – wanted to go off to the side pulling mobs [and out of my LoS as healer] and scream at my husband how fail a tank he was.  Just on and on and on and wouldn’t let it go with the cussing and screeching.  We asked him to leave, he wouldn’t.  So we sat down and waited for the timer since he wanted to be a jerk and not let it go… oh his main is a warrior tank and oh, he’s awesome and hubby isn’t.  Name is omitted out of respect for the guild officer who I had a pleasant conversation with.  He admitted that their guild is not a family guild and they tend to be quite aggressive and was very understanding of my feelings on the matter.  So applause to you Mr. E.  I didn’t and don’t expect a thing to be done, except perhaps a reminder that when you pug you interact with other people.  Had the mage even let things go, we wouldn’t have felt a need to kick him, but he went on and on and on.  I don’t and won’t spend my free time taking abuse from people.

Last night, Musicman [a warrior] was dual boxing on his warlock Ganjie… average ilevel?  231.  Average dps on the lock?  600 on SOME pulls [yay rain of fire spam].  The lock was on follow most of the instance and only moved when the warrior stopped [aka – to loot or rain of fire spam].  At Anomalus, we vote kicked the lock and the warrior immediately dropped as well.  I noticed the boxing within about 3 minutes of beginning the instance.  I dual box myself on occasion, but would never consider it in a random.  In addition, the warlock’s imp was on aggressive and pulled 2 extra groups on the Telestra fight for us… nearly wiping the group [triage became an easy thing, I must admit – but no one actually died].  We requeued after they left, and picked up 2 more dps, and finished with nary a problem.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Ugly Pug Volume 3”

  1. Sounds like fun times. I keep waiting for that ‘magical’ group where they’re just out and out jerks or idjits extraordinaire when I can just sit down and refuse to heal or whatnot. Shoulda left that HoR Group from hell….

    On a random note, I made my blog and I am confused as all get out on what to do with it. Halp? I has named it (Un)holy Randomness. There’s not much there atm. I’ll try and get you on Vent later on mebbe and ask you just what all I’m looking at.

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