Toon Update

A few things have changed and progressed with my toon army…

All my toons managed to get the Love Fool title… and all but one are done with the Elders…

Askevar – Got the t10 helm, The 264 crafted tanking boots, and upgraded her t10 gloves to the t10.5 since we downed Saurfang25 the other week [and again this past week] and she won a token.  As far as I can figure… there are only 4 more pieces she could possibly use from frost badges for tanking 😀 – Chestpiece, Shoulders, Trinket and Sigil.  I’ll probably eventually buy the sigil to test it out, but I think the 245 is superior, despite ilevels.  Most of the anecdotal evidence indicates that as well.  The Trinket would replace my current stam trinket, but what I have works.  I might swap it in on festergut for one extra CD, but eh…  I do fine without it too.   I WILL NOT queue Askevar as a tank for randoms any longer.  I lose going in because “OMG ITS A DK TANK THEY SUXORS”.  I have healers drop because dks can’t tank.  My 25k health prot warrior had more respect.  The last straw for me was a pair of ICC geared dps… a hunter pulling for me [and not using MD anyway] and a warrior bladestorming through the mobs before I could get to them.  They pulled about 6 groups for me, and I had mobs flying everywhere… somehow, we managed to survive and I went and sat in Dalaran with the healer.  Told them to let me know when they needed a tank.  Got called all kinds of names…  so I’m done.  I’ll tank for guildies on her but not for random people anymore.  It’s worth the 10 minute wait in the mornings if I don’t get a guild group.  Sadly, I’m neither the first to say this, nor the last.  I’ve run into several other dks and warriors who have an awesome tank set who would rather go be mediocre dps than deal with the hassle.

Askalaphos – my hunter has managed to snag 2 piece tier 10 and I think the shoulders are right slick looking 😀

Alika – My pally is finally forming a ret set and slowly building it up with the tier gear.  I still want to buy the 245 tanking shoulders, rather than the set ones… so it’ll be a bit yet.

Aulao – My mage is “finished”.  I sacrificed her frost badges that I’d built up to buy my main primordials for boots.  I still try to do her daily heroic, but she’s not really a focus of mine anymore… fun to play, but not one I feel a need to see excellently geared up.

Tsali – My shaman has been saving up armor bits she’s collected for offspec and finally put an offspec together… and is healing heroics with it.  I ground the spellpower shield out of regular Pit of Saron yesterday and I’ll be collecting other pieces for her as I can.  Her enhancement spec is still her main spec and I love it… but it’s so much easier to queue as a healer ;).

Arica – My druid also has 2 piece tier 10 [yay all those Naxx weeklies!].  She’s my primary dps toon and has even ventured into ICC once to fill in for a raid that was short.  She does a good job I think, but always room for improvement.  I’m working on a bear set for her, because that’s what she was back in BC… and well, I’d like the instant queue.  Her gear is fine for tanking heroics, but her threat SUCKS.  2k threat per second will get me vote kicked I expect… in short order.  So, I’ll be bumming around in a few regulars to see if I can get a little practice and raise that number up a bit.

Kintara – Still Disc.  Won’t touch holy.  I’m not saying holy is bad… mind you.  But it’s like with my warlock – She’s demonology through and through… and despite trying it on her, I can’t get away from it.  I’m just not willing to on Kintara lol.

Odyyn – Has gone from being a 25k health buffed prot warrior to being a 40k buffed one :D.  I don’t seem to get the anti-tank hate on him just yet.  If I do, I’ll probably start queuing him as dps too… he does 1300ish.  I rather enjoy warrior tanking, I suspect in no small part due to the fact that when I’m the undergeared one, I get the “omg!  It’s a cute wittle warrior tank!  Must cuddle!” attitude.   He also just got his frost badge cloak 🙂


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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