Stop Tank Abuse. Now.

Again and again, this issue rears it’s ugly head.  Again and again, I dig my heels in and to no avail.

This morning, I was tanking an instance on my warrior.  Warriors don’t have a butt-ton of aoe threat generation – and I’m still learning, though I’m getting pretty good.  I managed to pull H-Gundrak in the timer the other day with some sick dps…  All bosses down – even Eck.  Timer ran out right as we got to the final boss.  It was pretty epic.

Then this morning, I hit H-Utgarde Keep and start my chain pulling procedures given that the healer was ICC-geared.  And I have a cutie-pie ICC geared hunter, blasted targets full blast without misdirect just as I’m getting to the mobs.  :/  Not good.  So I ramp up and give everything I’ve got… I’m aoe-ing as much as a warrior can, tab-targetting flurry to get a devastate on every mob, and I’m managing most of them.  Then I have my healer running ahead [while I nearly died twice] and pulling more because I’m not going fast enough.  So I skip the group he pulled and pull the next one, ignoring the ones going crazy…  I don’t try to out-tank stupidity.  They killed the rogue in the party, sadly, because he was screaming at them to let me manage things.  And the healer goes and pulls the next group [without rezzing said rogue], while I’ve been sitting here being the only person on the party of 4 I have…  Um… no.  I got us out of combat asap, and went to sit in Dalaran, whilst still in party.  I’m not going to suffer a debuff because of stupidity.  Yes, I’m just that stubborn.  I have 10 80s.  I have 2 accounts.  I have housework I can go do.  Trust me, it’s more of a time waster for you to be stupid than for I.  Healer and hunter refused to kick me because they were going to “make” me leave and take a debuff.  Good luck with that.  The healer ended up being vote kicked finally, and I went back in… only to have the hunter misdirecting to the new healer.

These incidents are becoming more and more common.  And I KNOW I’m not the only one seeing them.  My husband on his ICC geared pally got refused heals because he was pulling too slow while pulling a whole instance up to the first boss in one pull.  A guildie had a warrior queue as dps, in prot spec/gear and then keep taunting from/pulling for him while doing 500 dps, refusing to say a word – only trying to stay in combat.

Tanks, don’t take this anymore.  Please.  The more we take, the more they’re going to dish out and the worse this whole thing is going to get.  Please.  We are there to take abuse from the mobs, not other players – REMEMBER that.  Healers and dps – support your tanks.

Stop Tank Abuse.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

12 thoughts on “Stop Tank Abuse. Now.”

  1. Hahaha. Wow. I love it. I mean, I don’t love tank abuse, I love your post.

    I’m a disc priest, and seriously, I don’t understand what the deal is with the speed runs. If everyone else is running, I can’t loot. And yes, grey items DO sell for money. :-/

    However, my drood just hit level 70 and she’s decided to go bear. I’m still learning and while I’m pretty fast (I hate losing rage), I also recognize that bears don’t handle multi-targets too much better than warriors do, and I feel more comfortable with smaller groups. So the first group that pulls more than I pulled… *growls* Don’t piss off the bear, boys and girls.

  2. This is a self correcting problem. Soon enough tanks will stop doing randoms and only run with guildies.

    That will leave the QQ DPS with only new and poor tanks. Before long their gonna be begging for tanks to come back to randoms. With promises of roses and chocolates if they will only please return.

    They think a 30min wait now sucks? Wait till the debuff for angry tanks is 30mins and they stop running in general.

    Good luck with your 1 hour wait Mr.Gogogo!

  3. Hopefully Blizzard will see this disturbing trend and ya know, do something (as much as they can) to fix it. I really do see the players revolting en masse and perhaps some idjits will get the message. I don’t know how to fix this problem though….

    I just see more and more people refusing to do randoms with anything other than guildies.

  4. Honestly the problem isn’t in Blizz’s court. This is an issue that the player community will have to solve on it’s own.

    As I said before, I suspect it’s going to correct it’s self. People will learn to behave and appreciate tanks/healers if they have to go through a long dry spell without them.

  5. Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking. They made this mess by opening up the floodgates of fail for PuG’s to pull from. I have heard they’re tweaking the LFD system possibly, or at least they’re tracking stats like who kicks, who is kicked, how often they kick or are kicked from groups, etc. To do what with, I dunno.

    Alls I know is if a guildie gets disrespected, tank or no tank, and feels inclined to leave (assuming they’re not the ones being stupid – we all have our moments, even I do), I’m going with them.

    1. I think keeping stats would help solve the problem. The biggest problem right now is that players aren’t accountable for their actions in while in a random dungeon finder group. Each player goes back to their server and that’s it.

      Stats would be a good way to see a person’s track record. What is the person’s overall success rate for heroics or for that dungeon. How many times has this person queued up as a tank before, how many successful runs has he had. If these sort of stats would be available, I seriously think players would be more accountable for their actions.

      I’d like to see stats on loot as well. How often do players click need when it is available to them. Would be a good way to track ninjas.

  6. I agree, STOP THE INSANITY!
    I wonder how many of these people realize that all of their efforts to prove how awesomesauce they are are only proving the exact opposite. Want to prove you’re a good player? How about playing your class appropriately for 15 whole minutes? If you’re not a tank, don’t pull. Simple as that.

    Give me a 500dps ret pally who thinks spellpower is the best thing since sliced bread over these guys any day. At least the clueless retadin is trying. Inept is better than rude any day of the week.

    1. That’s actually a pretty good idea, but how about a twist: what if queuing in LFD cost each player (including the tank) a deposit of some gold proportional to level. No gold? No queue.

      Each player who completes the instance gets the deposit back. If you get votekicked, or drop group before the end, or vote to kick someone else (and it succeeds), you’re out your deposit. It sounds harsh, right? But kicking someone shouldn’t come without a cost. Likewise, being kicked shouldn’t be free either. If someone gets angry enough at the rude and impatient dps to forego a deposit to boot them, they can — no waiting for a timer. And if the rude ones don’t want to get kicked and lose their deposit themselves, they have an economic incentive to play smoothly, even if their mouth is made by American Standard.

      I know you can’t really force people to behave reasonably, but I wonder if maybe it would help if people had a somewhat more direct incentive to at least try to play nice. Even if they’re only doing it for their 50 gold back, I imagine it could help. 🙂

      1. Problem with this is that people will stop using the LFG altogether since Blizzard would be the one forcing them to pay.
        Blizzard itself should stay out of this and let the tank/healer population handle it.
        I ran across the most interesting convo in trade chat on Sunday night by a couple of DPS saying that tanks and healers should know their place and let DPS-ers get the job done since they are incapable of killing anything.
        To this I pointed out that a healer and a tank can 2man pretty much any instance without the need for a DPS, might take us a while longer, but hey, we won’t have to put up with continuous abusive treatment.
        Of course the name calling and condescending comments started to roll in after this but hey, while a healer and me are facerolling a heroic for our daily and DPS sits on their thumbs waiting for someone to tank and heal for them, they might realize that pissing off two of your must have specs may not have been the best idea.

      2. I really don’t understand why different groups have to constantly put down others. Tank: “DPS are a dime a dozen.” DPS: “Healers should learn their places” Healer “I decide to lives or dies, I am a god and the DPS pissed me off, so I shall not heal them!” Everyone: “Gogogogo, tank sucks!”

        What gives? Everyone has a vital role to play, it’s just that in the case of DPS, there is more variety as far as what they can all do to help play it, since there are 3 DPS in a 5 man. Without the tank, the mobs would run around willy nilly hitting whoever they felt like. Without the healer, well, none of it would last very long.

  7. You’ve often mentioned healers running ahead and picking up groups because they want to go faster… is this common?! Since I always run as a healer, I never get grouped with ’em, y’know.

    The concept of doing that just totally blows my mind.

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