The Ugly Pug: Ugliest Pug Ever

Have you met him?  The Ugliest Pug ever!  Not just in appearance, though an Orc Death Knight is not what I’d ever call pretty [no offense hordies – alliance girl here!].  Anyway, he’s even a tank… but still the biggest jerk in existence!  His name:

Crok Scourgebane.

I hate him with the fiery passion of 1000 suns.


He always has to be the center of attention… and just about always taunts MY target.  Srsly.  Get over yourself Crok!  What a Crok you are!

That aside, pugging has been… it’s norm…

I had an instance just a few days ago that ended my willingness to queue my death knight in randoms as a tank with less than a full guild group – which is sad… since that’s what she is.  I got into an instance with a new healer friend of mine and had the ICC geared warrior and hunter take off full blast, pulling groups [no MD] and bladestorming through everything before I was even over to it.  I just ported to Dalaran when I finally got out of combat…  No way am I pulling an entire instance with mobs running every which way and such.  And no way am I taking a debuff due to stupidity of dps.  I’ll take one if my inexperience is causing a problem – for example, I’d leave H-HoR on my shaman who just started healing last week and just take the debuff.  I’m not ready for that just yet.  So I sat – In Dalaran, with my healer friend.  When they realized the healer came with me, they started on a cussing spree about how I needed to get back in and tank the “mf-in” instance.  And the rest I won’t detail, as most of it, I could not read.  Suffice to say, I got told I was all levels of fail because I couldn’t hold aggro over a bladestorming warrior going through groups before I got there and a volleying hunter who was pulling multiple groups for me without even bothering to misdirect.  [And yes, they were surprised when they died].

Just yesterday I got into a H-UK run on my warrior.  I’m still not solidly confident on him but I’m working hard.  The healer immediately tells me “Chain pull don’t stop.”  So I attempt to do so… only it’s not quick enough… and the hunter is ICC geared and volleying right off the bat without misdirecting, then whining about pulling aggro.  So I step up as best I can and start pulling twice what I’m comfortable with… letting the hunter fend for himself.  All of a sudden, while tanking 6 mobs [the rest being on the hunter].  The healer comes running by me with 4 more…  that he pulled… on purpose.  I tried to pick them up the first time and said “Don’t pull for me”.  His reply – “Then go faster”.  I then told him that if he kept pulling, I was going to slow down – that I was still getting the hang of warrior tanking and to chill out.  I go and pull another group.  He pulls the next one while the hunter is letting loose furiously on what I’ve barely gotten a thunderclap on.  So we proceed like this for a couple pulls, and I’m ignoring everything the healer pulls.  [BTW, rogue who defended me, I’m extremely sorry you died… and sorry I didn’t have a rez since the healer felt no obligation to rez you].  I finally shadowmelded, got out of combat.. . somehow and went to sit in Dalaran.  “We’re kicking you in 2 minutes.”  “Please do, I’ll instantly requeue and get a less stupid group”.  His response – “No we’re not going to kick you, we’re going to MAKE you leave and take the debuff.”  That threat may work with some people… but with someone with a second account and a baby healy druid on that account to play with… not really intimidating… and I was still pondering how they were going to MAKE me leave… add to that, I have plenty of housework I can afk and do.  The poor dead rogue [that the healer wouldn’t rez] was laying there screaming at the healer and hunter to just let the tank pull.. . that the chain pulling pace was fine and we’d already be done if they’d have just left well enough alone.  Timer ticks down… I immediately initiate a vote kick for the healer… which instantly passes.  Port back in, run back with the new healer to the group.  Other than the hunter misdirecting mobs to the healer after that [managing to kill her once, which I apologized profusely for], the instance was painless.  Seriously…  what was the point?

When I’m tanking, I’m there to take abuse from MOBS – NOT players.  I won’t take a debuff due to player abuse.  I am that stubborn.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “The Ugly Pug: Ugliest Pug Ever”

  1. Good for you! I’m still trying to find the backbone to stand up for myself like this. It’s PuGs like this that leaves me not running daily randoms as often as I can (and probably should).

    People need to just get over themselves and realize that, much like hiking, in instances the slowest member sets the pace. I don’t get why people don’t understand that pulling more groups is only faster if you don’t wipe. Yet they try the same overpull time and time again, despite the tank or healer telling the party exactly what their limits are and that these pulls are beyond them. More people need to understand that when a player says “I cannot [tank/heal] groups that large” then that player probably cannot tank/heal groups that large.

    It’s getting to the point that PuGs these days are like this:
    Big Kid: If you stick that fork in the toaster it will shock you.
    Kid: Nuh-uh! *sticks fork in toaster* Ouch! Why’d you do that?
    Big Kid: I told you not to do it and that it would hurt.
    Kid: *sticks fork in the toaster again* Ouch! Hey, you suck!
    Big Kid: If you don’t stick the fork in the toaster, it won’t shock you.
    Kid: *sticks fork in the toaster and leaves it there* OMG, it’s still shocking me! I’m telling mom unless you make it stop shocking me.

  2. Good GOSH, I got mad for you reading about that fail group. I would totally have your back if that happened in a group I was in with you. Specially if I was the healer….*evil cackle* I’ve never let anyone deliberately die before, but there’s a first time for everything.

    I predict it’s gonna get to the point where, for the most part, the only folks who use LFD are the guildless or those who have super tiny guilds with nobody around most of the time. Anyone with a friend base or guildies will begin to run only with folks they know. There are times when it’s handy, when not many are on in guild or a raid’s going on and nobody’s free to run but you don’t have time or the inclination to wait til raid is done. But overall, it’s not worth the fustration to alot of folks.

  3. Or the one run we had to day with you as the healer in h FoS. Where the 3 DPS just could not understand to stop DPS with the soul link thingy.
    I had to tank the last what, 20%, without a healer because of idiots.

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