We Beat the Odds!

After a disatrous raiding weekend last week [we literally only got Flame Levi down – the weekly on Saturday and slogged through ToC25 on Sunday], we came back with a vengeance this week.  One shot of every boss in ICC25 first wing – Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship, Saurfang… and even the frost giant weekly!!!  So I’m just going to write off last weekend as a fluke…  Every guild has their down weeks and such.

This weekend however, we were down several of our main healing crew and had to bring in an alt, an offspec and a pug healer [who were all awesome].  So, to one shot it all…  Just wow…  Healing, which has occasionally been a weakness seemed more solid than ever.  DPS was out of this world!  Tanking was great! 

I will say though, it may have something to do with being a guild and a family…  My co-treasurer was hacked yesterday – early morning and predictably, they took most of our Guild vault.  They also appear to have deleted her toon and slapped an authenticator on her account.  Needless to say, we’ll get it all back, we’re more concerned about her account – because it could take a while to sort it all out.  We don’t rely on the guild vault much for day to day function… pretty much sell donations to keep up our gold to cover raid repairs.  Several people donated enough gold to cover the guild for a bit, and our enchanters are offering their personal stockpiles of chanting mats, our alchemists have been even more generous with their flasks…  People are rising to the occasion and banding together… and despite the circumstances, it’s a lovely thing to see, I must admit.  All guilds have drama come to them, or within them… it’s how we handle it and how we deal with it that matters.

One thing we also do after raids, is to have a debrief… what went wrong, what went right, whose performance is problematic and how we can help them and who has improved and really made an impression.  These usually devolve into regular conversation [we ended up talking about a tv show called Human Target last night… which is a rather good show!].  But anywho, on nights like last night we end up spending five minutes talking about how awesome everyone did!  We saw so much improvement in people…  Whether they were determined to avenge the hacking via boss kills, or just determined to kill stuff, I honestly don’t know 🙂

Anyway, well done WaR!  Well done!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “We Beat the Odds!”

  1. Wait, was Tarii hacked?! She’s a treasurer, right? Dear me, that’s nasty bizness. Hope it all works out, and everything is gotten back. Friggin hackers.

    Glad you got alot done this weekend!! Go team! Sorry I wasn’t around to help out (unless I am one of the weaker healers, in which case, I’ll try and step things up. 😦 ). Stuff going on, trips to pack for, work to work….

    1. The 1000 “Are we getting Endy tonight?” questions I got should tell you that you are in fact quite awesome and loved!

    2. I think a lot of the reason we got a lot done was to avenge Tarii… Inq announced what had happened at the beginning of the raid, and encouraged everyone to get authenticators n such… and people started talking about what they wanted to do to the hacker… Inq stopped them and it was suggested that they direct their anger at the bosses. Which… um… they obviously did.

  2. I was actually giving covert hand signals to my “Dominators” as to how we will handle the hacker. >.>
    Have to say I was impressed, maybe flabbergasted is the correct term, at what we did, especially by those people who are normally our weak links.
    I can honestly say this was one of our best nights in a while.
    Hoping to see us go 2 for 2 this weekend.

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