Ugly Pug: Bad and Mean Tanks DO Exist!

I campaign a LOT in support of tanks and against tank abuse.  But occasionally I get THAT tank.  The one that makes you want to rage at him.

I queued up on my druid for H-FoS specifically… I’m still trying for that darn trinket that I never expect to see… Sadly my warrior has it for his offset and my shaman managed to snag it as well… but bleh. Anyway, Kyubbi of Garithos of a rather sizeable guild logged into the instance, changed spec, and took off, aggroing as much as he could… aka the first two groups in a blatant attempt to wipe the group. I understand tank rage today.. I experience the headdesk phenomenon of tank abuse quite often, but NEVER is this kind of thing acceptable.  The irony was he only got the hunter from his own server killed.  The rogue vanished and I went bear and taunted stuff off the healer as we both ran out.

On my shaman when I queue up for H-FoS to try and wheedle some of the healing gear out of the instance, I always seem to end up with New Tank with blues and a few epic RET pieces with 435 defense and 24k health.  I managed to get one of those to the last boss [but couldn’t heal him through it cuz he got 2 shot].  Zuce of Mug’thol’s  “Don’t worry, I’ve done this before” did NOT reassure me… especially after he’s charging into the first pack of mobs.  “I’m out after this pack,” I reply.  And heal him through it and D/C.  As I state, I don’t take the debuff due to party stupidity, and I don’t see the need to take 2 hours AGAIN trying to heal an ungeared tank through H-FoS.  Undergeared is one thing… but UNgeared is ridiculous.

And guys, if you don’t know what to do, please ask…  The tank and I [healing on my shaman] had to 2 man the joust because everyone else kept running from the guys and subsequently dying.  After spending 12 minutes slogging through that… the dps oomed me because they wouldn’t focus on the target.  Tank dropped group mid-fight, so I did too, to try and avoid a repair bill.  Also had to endure 10 skadi passes in one instance because the warrior was picking up every single harpoon [he was making that his priority over dpsing] and refusing to shoot ANY.  As tank, I finally managed to gather 3 and shoot them down [while the dps ended up “tanking” the adds for me.  We kicked the warrior afterwards when he started calling us “lol gay” because he’s “lol lagging”…  didn’t seem to lag much while picking up every harpoon before anyone else could…

Had an H-FoS group just now who cost my shaman healer [whose healing set isn’t even full 232 yet] 50 gold in repair bills.  Why?  Because I kept getting mirrored souled and insta-gibbed in the process.  Thank you so much jerks.  Who wiped us with Army of the Dead and Wolves, and killed me twice again on the second attempt at him [wolves, treants, thankfully army was on cd].  Yes, the rules do apply to you.  Some healers might can heal through that but it doesn’t mean everyone is one… and doesn’t give you the right to ignore mechanics.  Had my tank friend not been there, I’d have honestly probably left you when you killed me the third time rather than accept the brez.

My hubby’s dk and a guildie wanted to run a random regular northrend dungeon, so I brought out my bear tank… to try and practice on her, and another guildie got his tree druid [both 80’s] and we all queued up.  Got popped into Regular Old Kingdom with Temere of Korgath.  We pulled the first two mobs, and then I started in on the groups.  Suddenly, 7 groups worth of mobs are heading our way and the pally is mysteriously dead.  I round them all up, and we manage to kill them – I mean it’s a regular and tank and healer are both 80 and such…  Our hunter guildie died.  Anyway, Temere comes barreling back in the instance pulling the two groups of spiders on either side of the stairs that you can skip.  I round them up, tell the group to file a ticket and tell them I’m loading up my second account to hopefully chat with an officer in his guild.  He immediately drops group.  One of the group members also made an @ Temere post on the Korgath forums.   Still, I fail to understand why someone would be griefing in regular randoms?  Especially one that’s going to be an obvious cakewalk with a geared tank and healer.

Sonofstashes – Kul’Tiras queues as tank then refuses to tank.  Rather than wait for him to wipe the group, I ported to Dal and let the group know.  They told me to drop, I declined to drop.  Two others did and Sonofstashes tried to requeue as dps since people left.  I chain declined to select a role.  Not going to support this kind of behavior.  Anywho, I hopped on my second account to play till he got bored and left.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “Ugly Pug: Bad and Mean Tanks DO Exist!”

  1. Yeah, I’m gettin tired of this recent increase in the trend to cheese out of the role you Qued. It’s one thing if say you have a friend there to swap roles. But trying to rig the mechanics of the game for faster que times is total crap.

    The other DPS in the group had to wait just as long and don’t appreciate that sorta nonsense.

    I’ve also grown tired of bad behavior. I’ve decided to become more “Mercenary” as Ven puts it on healing. If a dps pulls threat for any reason besides an accident they get no heals until the loose that threat.

    Maybe a few repair bills will enlighten them.

  2. “I’ve also grown tired of bad behavior. I’ve decided to become more “Mercenary” as Ven puts it on healing. If a dps pulls threat for any reason besides an accident they get no heals until the loose that threat.”

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. This, in my case, also applies to warlocks that lifetap the whole instance.
    I am not your mana battery. They can use drain life or bandage if they’re gonna lifetap.

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