War declared on Residents of RP Realms…

In blog drama almost too far out there to be believed, yes you read the title correctly.

Anna of Too Many Annas posted a post defending RP – and calling someone to task for advocating griefing RPers.

High Latency Life declares WAR on residents of RP realms, and then details his efforts in this war.

Just.  Wow.

I will point to Matojo’s post about why it’s important to have a thick skin as a blogger.  You’re putting yourself out there and people are reading you…  sometimes they’re going to disagree and sometimes they may even take it personal.  And while it does hurt, maybe we need to listen to Gevlon and remember that these are in fact words on a screen.  Which is advice I NEED to take more often myself.

Why is this relevant to me?  I have an alt in the blogging guild mentioned throughout this debacle.  I guess we couldn’t expect the blogging community of readers and bloggers to come together without a stitch of drama…  We all like to write too much 😛  Hence why the gchat has been hopping every time I’ve popped over for a few minutes.  I’m also a resident of an RP realm on my main server and while I’m not active in RPing, I do have backstories thought out for some of my characters.  These reasons are why you’re seeing this posted here.  But I think we all need to chill out 🙂

ETA: Tamarind of Righteous Orbs summarizes this quite eloquently.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

12 thoughts on “War declared on Residents of RP Realms…”

  1. I did not start this war, anna did, and anna can end it. If your SL’s do not corrupt the BSL and Lore you have nothing to fear.

      1. He did declare the war, even though CH asked him to stop, and now he’s loving the negative attention. It’s all classic troll behavior (he even argued the definition of troll with another commenter).

        While it is sad and Pathetic, as long as Anna’s okay, it’s fairly amusing to watch him rage.

  2. /salute

    It’s pretty crazy, yeah. Lucky for the rest of us, reporting for harassment doesn’t work the way that fellow seems to believe – “They aren’t RPing the way I want them to!” = GMs loling heartily.

  3. I lost a lot of respect…well, all of it for HLL as a result of this. He doesn’t seem to have a very good grasp of ethics or proper justice; engaging in “virtual machine gun fire” in to the crowd of people he deems improperly role playing according to the EULA…when he himself demonstrates a nebulous grasp on the lore of the game (about equivalent to what I would expect anyone from a pve or pvp server to be familiar with, if they moved to this game from Madden 2010 or something), not to mention the apparent conviction that one wrong against his friend (who was in turn espousing unpleasant trollish behavior against many, many others) can only be remedied by making life miserable for countless individuals who are incidental to or unrelated to the person he is directly offended by….just, wow. Think he needs to stop playing the game for a while and a grip. Speaking fo which, thanks to this incident I’ll be watching your blog (and Annas’s) from now on, they seem more lucid and interesting….!

    1. @theervis: Yeah but not anymore. You ought to strive to be a better person than those you perceive as wronging you, not stooping to their level as such. Seems like such a huge waste of time to become a professional griefer. Oh well.

  4. I am almost glad that I know nothing about RPing… I have to deal with enough drama in a PvP server.

    When it comes to bloggin and thick skin I have a totally different view. I have been doing this blog thing for a while and I see it as a community, almost as a house that you open to others and should be able to shut and have control over…

    If you hate me, or disagree with me… then why read me. That has always been my feeling on the subject.

  5. Having played on an RP realm I can honestly say it is boring. There is no cohesion between many RP stories so all are pretty much void, crap and unoriginal.

    For me a lot of RP players just smack of being anti social and use RP to hide away from the world and create an alternative personality…. all fair and well and Im not trying to judge people but I just think its a bit sad.

    As for the ‘blog war’ I’ve found it great reading and actually have alot of respect for chris for defending a friend, Anna in my opinion went over board in a fit of nerd rage over a post which was perhaps not in the best of taste but was quite tongue in cheek.

    From reading Annas blog I’d also like to know who made her judge, jury and executioner. I do note she edited out names and the guild name after a while but woo hoo much crying about nothing. The fact she edited posts which she deemed as personal attacks which by filling in the vowels are not anything of the kind it smacks of wanting preach but not listen.

    In summary everyone has their own views on things but to single out, poo poo and tear apart someone for having a different view isnt on and Im glad someone pulled Anna up about it.

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