Mechanics Matter

Just because the weekly is LOLNAXX does not mean that the tank can just “lol just tank Razuvius”.

Though I must admit, the 25 man raid wipe was quite amusing and worth the repair bill to watch.  Along with the one priest you did bring refusing to find his mass dispel button on the trash… and the melee [and ranged] standing in whirlwind and whining/dropping because they died… and the healers forgetting to rez people and the tanks charging ahead while people are dead…  all VERY amusing.

Ridiculing the one person who has done Naxx25 and knows the fight wasn’t very smart, especially after admitting you had never seen it.

Me leaving the group, that was smart 😀


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Mechanics Matter”

  1. Indeed it was. I hope you didn’t get saved to that nonsense. I seem to recall being saved upon death once, but there may have been another mechanic at play there. At any rate, I’m sorry to hear of such extreme fail. Well, ok, I am rather amused to hear about the extreme fail, but I am sorry to hear that you had to experience it in order for us to laugh about it.

    1. I talk about it so someone gets amusement out of it 😛

      Most of these things amuse me now more than anything else… though I will confess to some irritation on occasion 🙂

      This morning I had to heal a 465 defense pally through H-ToC and managed it amazingly well on my disc priest. I still can’t believe I did it. Had I known at the beginning, I’d have refused to heal him [I was half asleep at the beginning]. I told him under no uncertain terms that if he came into an instance I was healing again not def capped that he’d get no heals. After a 2 hour headdesk incident of frustration in trying to heal a ret pally “tank” with 20k health through H-FoS, I vowed never to do that again. Just because they’re UNgeared doesn’t mean I have to compensate. If they’re undergeared, that’s different – I’ve had the pleasure of healing a dk tank at 528 defense who told me up front. He apologized for being undergeared and was a few badges from the last piece he needed to hit the 535 heroics cap. He also had some tanking skill and instinct, and those count for a lot.

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