The DK Prejudice

Rhii at I “Sheep Things” is discussing probably the most unsettling problem with playing a Death Knight nowadays – the automatic prejudice that you’re an idiot.

Definitely check out the post.  I myself have experienced a lot of prejudice – more in being a dk tank than just random dk dps in the LFD tool.  Hubby is working on gearing up his dk’s tank set at the moment, so I’m interested to see how things go for him when he does full pugs.

Anyway, to all dks and potential dks – you aren’t alone 🙂  Don’t let it get you down – if anything I rather enjoy it as a challenge at proving them wrong.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “The DK Prejudice”

  1. It was totally all kinds of awesome.

    Thanks for the link Askevar… I never knew it was so rough for you guys… Imma start being nicer to DKs now. Even the spirit cloth wearing tank. Maybe. :\

    1. There are bad dks – and bad dk tanks… just like there are bad pallies, bad mages, bad locks, bad hunters etc.. I’ll even concede the point that there are probably more bad dks – if for no other reason than EVERYONE has a dk, so there are more of them total. I only know of a couple of people who haven’t rolled one.

      I will admit that when I see a dk with spellpower or spirit though… I do a mental headdesk

  2. What? You don’t like my SP gear for them massive Death Coil crits?
    Personally I don’t care what people think.
    I go in, do my job, tell em to go kiss my ass after they had their easiest heroic run ever and go enjoy my badges in lots of lewd ways.

  3. I remember back in the day (and still now, to an extent) when Hunters get assumed to be idiots as well. It’s the curse of playing a popular class.

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