On Alts and Alt-y Things

I love my alts.  I really, honestly, sincerely do.  I don’t play them exceptionally but I play them all well.  I have most of them decently geared and I’m proud of them.  I’m proud to have a good bit of knowledge of every class and most specs.  I love them, I adore them.  But…

This past Saturday we ended up a few healers short [and with only 21 people total – 2 of them healers] – had a couple no shows and a couple of people we knew would be out, so we did what people have been clamoring for… an alt ToC25 run [by the end of the run we even had enough to hit ICC25 – with mains of course].  It went incredibly well!  We one shot every single boss with mostly alts.  I even brought my pally in for the first 4 bosses then was asked to swap back to my dk for Anub – just as a precaution.  11k more health, more avoidance and more experience can make a difference as that fight can still be tough, especially in phase 3 on our healers.

I felt “wrong” the entire time I was on my pally.  I got back on my dk and breathed a sigh of relief.  Now there’s not one thing my dk can use for main set in that instance that I know of – or even much in the way of offset.  But I am “at home” raiding on the dk.  It feels good and comfortable and the pally does not.  I did well on the pally – everyone said so.  But still…  I realized that I really don’t care about raiding on my alts.

My hubby says that it’s because I need practice – and I’m sure I do.  Raiding on a toon is a far cry from heroics or even VoA.  I want to bring my best and Askevar is that.  But the alt run succeeded in one aspect for me – it made me appreciate even more the work I’ve put into my death knight.  Because, despite the work I’ve put into the other toons, she’s still my best – and it shows.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “On Alts and Alt-y Things”

  1. This is how I feel about Endy….at home. When I’m on my DK, I do feel more confident than I’ve ever felt while raiding with an alt, but even so, I feel like a noob. I got brought into an ICC 10 man on my DK just last night and I was having to pay attention and really think about what I was doing and omg omg, where do I go? Ahhh, fire! Who do I hit now!?

    But when I’m on Endy, I feel like I’m in my element. Even so, there are times on her (like when we tried Rotface for the first time on Monday) where I’m all “Omg, omg!” I love my DK alts, I have no other serious alts. I mean, I have a 70 rogue and priest collecting dust on my original server…Endyme is my gal 4 lyfe!

  2. I used to be a really bad altoholic. I finally have restricted myself to four characters, max. Juggling all the reps, keys, and gearing in BC for them all really burned me out, so for WotLK I’ve really only focused on my main.

    Alts are fun, but I’ve played just about every class in WoW except Priest and DK up to lv 40, but I still enjoy my Hunter the most.

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